What's the cheapest way to move furniture across the country?

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I'm moving to the States and need to move an entire condo full of furniture quite a large distance (Toronto to Vegas). I've looked up quotes on U-Haul, and it's about 2200 plus taxes for that distance. Seems a little pricey to me, especially since the taxes add almost a 300 to the cost.

There has to be a cheaper solution. A lot of big stuff like a big leather couch, big queen sized bed, big TV...stuff like that.

Has anyone ever had experience moving a lot of stuff a long distance?
Yeah, I didn't factor that in.

So you think I will be looking at around 3500 regardless of which way I choose?

Kind of sounds like a pain in my ass.
If you can sell your stuff that you don't really need and buy it here.

Otherwise have you considered shipping by train? I think even shipping a car by train is cheaper than doing that U-haul thing
I've done a few of these. They suck. Quite a bit.

I think freight shipping would be cheaper if you do everything else yourself. It should be at least about the same and you don't have to drive the damn thing. At least worth checking out...try ABF Freight U-Pack.

If that's not cheaper, nothing is, but yeah you might save a little money by renting from a different company. I dunno about that, though...U-Haul is pretty cheap. If you DO rent from U-Haul, rent in the middle of the week (in the off season if you can help it) and be prepared to drive all over town, or even bump your moving day back a bit, to actually get your truck. They don't do a very good job holding reservations. I don't really recommend it.

So, yeah, try ABF. I've been doing a little googling and it looks like it will probably save you money. Also, most people who use them have a very positive experience (including me). I do recommend hiring student laborers (dirt cheap) to load your stuff, though. You get freight space on a large truck, and the more you use the more you pay, so it pays off to have someone who knows what they are doing get your stuff in a really tight space.
I will look up the freighter stuff.

Some of my stuff is not worth selling just because I'm so used to it it's like a part of my life (like my bed...amazing piece of equipment that is).

And to sell my TV (Sony SXRD) and rebuy would be losing money, not worth it.

I'll likely do the U-Haul as the money isn't TOO big of a deal, but still sucks.

I'll also check into the freighter thing just to see what it's like.
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