What's the most emotional moment you've ever experienced in a video game?


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These hit me pretty hard gotta admit.

Same with the horse scene in Ghost of Tsushima.

Rest in Power loyal friend, Nobu.

Telltale, the Lee turning part and later in the sequels where she has the flashback/dream of Lee providing her with advice.
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As I'm getting older, I realized that I cry more often watching sob stories, or even cringy stories too.
The other day I was playing Trails from Zero, and when they were talking about Ren between former protagonists and new protagonists, I kinda swelled up reading the text.
Also when Dina found the letter from her friend in the ancient ruins, I also swelled up too.


The scene in Nier Gestalt when Yona goes to her real father.

The Ground Zeroes ending cutscene. This hits particularly hard if you 100-percented Peace Walker like me.

Planescape Torment where you unlock the full Disc of Zerthimon. I couldn't complete the game the first time because of leveling so I restarted with high INT. This and a few other convos high INT unlocked were really cool.

Hollow Knight when you help sudoku the Nailsmith. Poetic violence moment.

Finally in Minecraft the first time I had full diamond equipment and accidentally fell into lava while strip mining. It was the middle of the night and I chimped. Not a good look for a 30 year old man.
Also, this is more of a nostalgic thing but playing through Halo now or listening to the music alone makes me very emotional. It's one of those games I have the fondest memories of, and it was personally the 'peak' of my online gaming experience. I met so many friends through that game, especially the custom games. Thinking about it always makes me quite sad but happy. I really adored that community.


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Some parts of MGS4's very, very long ending when I was 16. Probably not the same if I went back as an adult.

Girlfriend cried at the start of God of War: Ragnarok. Never ever seen her cry at a game. Probably just a moment.


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“Someone else might have gotten it wrong…”

The ending to a Plaque Tale: Requiem recently hit me hard, I guess I was entirely too optimistic through my play through of it and PT: Innocence.


I know it wasn't earned by the developers but Joel in TLOU2. That scene.
Also him singing and playing the guitar.


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I've gotten a little teary eyed over many games. Crisis Core, MGS4, Halo 3, Silent Hill 2, some others I'm forgetting now.

But only one game has made me weep. Valiant Hearts.

Valiant Hearts is based on real people, real events, and the real atrocities of war. Our actual history. That connection to our physical world, our history, humanity, and reality makes the story in Valiant Hearts exceedingly impactful. This really happened. This suffering is real. This emotion is real. These people are real.

Not only is the story based on real stories of the war, but actual letters and photos are used in the game, further bringing you into the realization of our history.

For those who haven't played Valiant Hearts, play it. Be prepared for a life changing experience. And pray you and your children's children do not experience such war.



This one might be forever: I had a high fever and Mario Galaxy came out while I was couchbound. When I got to rosalina's backstory I fucking fell completely apart lol. Like Niagra falls. I didn't cry that much at Schindler's List I swear to god.

I get like that when I'm really sick. I watched a sesame street retrospective while I was really sick once and they started talking about when Mr hooper died and holy shit...


KH3 when Sora (spoiler, I was waiting for the game for 13 years so it had a nostalgy power up) and nier automata in general.


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A video game has never given me feels like music or a movie.

They have given me feelings of intense anger and frustration when they suck, but I don't think that's what we are talking about.


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Actraiser. If I remember you had to save a kid and the game flashes forward or something and either his parents died or it shows him dying. Let me find the video.

Updated he was sacrificed by his town.
Yeah after getting invested in that game and having the ending go back to all the towns you saved. Yeah remember that kid you saved? His village offed the little cunt. Ok next town let’s go.

Shenmue as I played that game for hours and when it ended and the Dreamcast dying I was bummed thinking they gonna leave it like this ? It was the first game I felt with a living breathing world.

BoTW mainly because it was the longest I ever played a game like this without any hand holding and open ended etc. So I felt as if I achieved something towards the final level when I knew it was coming to an end I didn’t want to enter the castle. I mean I still have to 100% the game. But that is for another time.

Return to castle wolfenstein mainly because the zombie levels freaked me out at 2 am playing to with head phones. For some reason I felt like I was there. Freaked me out. I had to take my headphones off as I was going shit someone or something is in my room.

RE 4 just felt like an epic game and at the time felt like the most advanced game ever.

SM3 and SMW just felt like hell yeah. I did it. Got the secret endings/star etc

Contra 3 me and a mate completed it and we felt bad ass.

Alan wake would shit me up with the guys looking through the window in the cabins.

Max Payne and the flash back levels would make me sad.

Doom and Quake made me feel like I was in evil dead 2 or aliens.

Street fighter2 / Virtua fighter was just martial arts excellence

Mortal Kombat. Aww shit Sonia you is fine.
RIP Teddy


Aunt May’s death in Marvel’s Spider-Man was incredibly well done. I even remember reading that Marvel didn’t allow them to kill her off but when they saw how they did it they gave them a pass.

Makes her death in No Way Home look even more laughable in contrast.


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The ending of Final Fantasy X ruined me. Tears, baby!

Also beating Friede in Dark Souls III. That was pure elation.

Bitmap Frogs

Mr. Community

This made me really happy.

I don't know that I get emotional in games.

In Mass Effect when Mordin sacrifices himself. That was probably my favorite pay off. It was great for that character's redemption.

Agree on both.

Fucking space lizard, why did you have to die.


Imagine trying to explain the impact of FFVII to somebody too young to have been there. It’s pointless. The memory of that impact will die with our generation.

True, although I can say that about gaming in general during the 90s and early 2000s. Not trying to sound elitist, but I kinda feel bad for the younger generation of gamers. I'm not saying gaming is worse these days (in some respects it is) but if you grew up in the 80s - 2000s, you were there to experience the huge graphical leaps. Not to mention back then developers had a lot more creative freedom to make the games they wanted to and create new genres. We also didn't have to wait half a decade for a sequel to come out. So it was just a bombardment of one incredible and iconic game after another.


Persona 3 rooftop ending scene always in my heart.

the whole month before final fight is really emotional with changed tone for dorm music and it all lead to this.

hope the remake rumors is true...
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At the top of that list was the end of Max Payne 2. Max had such a sad story, and Mona dying only punctuated it. For years that was at the top of emotional moments for me in video games.

Red Dead Redemption comes very close, from everything leading up to Arthur's death, and shortly after. But, as much as I felt for Arthur, I connect with Max way more, so Max's losses still hit me harder.

But that was topped at the end of Hellblade. No video game to date, has made me cry. Hellblade brought me to absolute tears, and the feeling of somberness and surrealness lasted for about a week. I kid you not. Not a movie, or any other entertainment media has moved me as much. Music moves me deeply, but in a very different way. But Senua's story... That hit me hard. That didn't just touch my emotions... It felt like it was serenading my soul, with the sweetest, most sombre music.


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This scene was the first time I experienced the emotion of shame while playing a video game. Literally jumped off my bed and ran to close the door when this started.

Hopefully the people in my house thought I was just watching porn like a normal person.


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Oh man, the ending of FF7 Crisis Core just hit me right in the the feels. I knew what was coming but that ending still hit as hard as a truck
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Tidus and Yuna in the water

Sir Gideon Ofnir, The All Knowing!!!... I knew then that shit was about to hit the fan. Now I too seek to be All Knowing.

Scarlet and Violet trailer: Music slows down and then sketches and a glance at Great Tusk and Iron Threads... So much hate for Celestial; I love it and fuck all of you who hate it and Ed Sheeran... I am not a fan of him but I like most of his music. Call me a simpleton if you want.
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In Xenoblade Chronicles 2 they talk about some characters that lived in the past. Then in the Torna DLC you get to play in the past as those characters. So you play as characters while you know what will happen to them in the end.

Well into the Torna story this certain person is being recognized for doing many good deeds. So there will some sort of ceremony where this person will be recognized.

So I run around as this character the evening before the big day. Suddenly realizing that this is the big moment in this persons life. The day tomorrow will be the highlight of this persons life. The last big good thing that will happen before… I start thinking about what is being said in the main game about what will happen to this character in the end.

What the… that is actually bloody unfair. Come on, after tomorrow the rest of this characters life will… The end will be… Oh come on! No That’s just wrong! For goodness sake… I run around town as this character and for some reason I suddenly catch this cold, cough snort snoooort… Hmmm. Dry air, gotta wipe away some moisture from my eyes, snooort what the hell…
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