What's the Most Time You've Spent with a Single Player Game?

around 110 hours on Persona 4 Golden (a Platinum run), and another 94 or so hours on the OG version back on PS2.

It's either that or Diablo II: Lord of Destruction on PC back in the day, not sure if I broke 200 hours on that as I was having too much fun to keep track.

If we're talking recently (like within the past three years), Overwatch and Breath of the Wild take it for sure.
It's got to be a few hundred hours for MGS2, re remake (GC version), FFVIII, FFX.

Those four games I still play probably once a year at least.

MGS2 probably the most. Always play the tanker mission then stop. Just love the rain effect in that still.
Pokémon Platinum. A hair over 300 hours there on one save. FFVIII is in a close second due to multiple replays over the years. Probably had a couple of Gran Turismo saves that approached the multiple hundreds too, but I can't say for sure.
400-500 hours in Zoids Battle Legends over two completely separate saves, accidentally overwrote one of these saves with the other tho..

90-140 hours in Dragon Age Origins, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Dragon Age Inquisition, and Persona 4 Golden. Dark souls 2 and DAI numbers are a bit bloated by MP, but are both over 100 hours and 98% time spent in SP.

88 Hours in skyrim.
330+ hours in The Witcher 3 from three playthroughs.

Over 100 hours:
- Dragon Age Origins
- Dragon Age Inquisition
- TES Oblivion
- TES Skyrim
- Fallout 4
- Mass Effect 2
- The Witcher 2
- Dark Souls
- Dragon's Dogma
- Final Fantasy VI - XII
- Final Fantasy XIV
- Persona 4
- Chrono Trigger
- Digimon World
- Legend of Mana
- Xenogears


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17 full playthroughs of FF IX, plus a good number of aborted ones.
North of 1000 for IX, north of 500 for X (Had 270 on just one save.)
Wow. Do you ever replay games you really enjoyed? What about RPGs? Sorry, this post is just blowing my mind. Do you mostly play smaller indie games?

As for myself, there are a bunch of SP games I've put over 100 hours into, but very few break the 200 hour mark. If I had to guess, I'd say FTL, Dragon Quest Monsters, and Super Mario 64 are among those very few.
I usually trade games in once I'm done with them. I have little time for gaming so that's why I like to have multiple different short games to pass time and then boom on to the next. I recently played and enjoyed Virginia on PS4. Done in one sitting on a Saturday. Short and sweet. Perfect game length.
Over 300 hours playing some Football Manager. Can't remember if it was 2009 or 2011

And if I only counts games that have an end, I spent almost 150h on the SP of GTA V
Not counting the Souls games because of summoning (otherwise Dark Souls would probably be number one with approximately 275 hours).

For strictly single player, it'd be Fallout 3 (225ish hours) or Witcher 3 (200ish).

Spelunky might come close to those, but there's no play clock so I'm not sure.
I usually trade games in once I'm done with them. I have little time for gaming so that's why I like to have multiple different short games to pass time and then boom on to the next. I recently played and enjoyed Virginia on PS4. Done in one sitting on a Saturday. Short and sweet. Perfect game length.
I see. Fair enough!
I think my total playtime on ffx is around 1600+ hours on all systems. I have played Star Ocean 3 for at least 600 hours throughout the years. Steam tells me I've spent over 600 hrs on the Witcher 3. Not sure what after that, honestly. Maybe dragon age inquisition? Probably got somewhere around 300 on that game.
I put in about 300 hundred hours on the witcher3 another 300ish on fallout 4 around 300 as well on Dragon age inquisition and around 150 on skyrim all with multiple playthroughs. I imagine Horizon, persona 5, and Mass effect andromeda will join that list this year with over 100 hours.

I'm also pretty sure I put in over or close 100 hours on ff7, 10 and 15. To many other games to remember over my 25 years of playing video games.
310 hours in Pokemon X followed by 300 hours in Skyrim. I wanted to catch 'em all, which I did, and I wanted to get 100% completion in the game on console and then PC, which I gave up on partway through.
Console games usually cap out at max 150 hours for me as far as single player content goes. PC strategy on the other hand...

Europa Universalis IV - 1394 hours
Crusader Kings II - 788 hours
Civilization V - 669 hours
Football Manager 2016 - 292 hours
In a single playthrough? It has to go to Fallout 4 with over 260 hours logged.

Witcher 3 is a distant second at 220+ hours but it's still by far the better game.
Literally 1000s of hours into Football Manager over the past decade


This doesn't even count all the other text sims I sunk time into like FOF, TEW and WMMA. Goddamn.
Final Fantasy VII, Demon's Souls, And The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind; are all virtually tied in the somewhere south of 200 hours, region.

Bad Company 2 PS3 multiplayer, has gotta be close to 500 hours.
Horizon Zero Dawn. A little over 40 hours. It will probably be 45-50 by the time I'm done with everything I want to do.

That's crazy playtime for me. I never spend more than like 20 hours on a single player game. I already don't feel any incentive to continue playing BOTW between 15-20 hours in (general lack of structure) and that's a very good quality game.
The most time in a single player game is Twilight Princess at 265 hours.

2nd place is ironically enough BOTW which I literally just reached 100 hours today.

3rd place is Persona 4: Golden at 89 hours.

All of these will go up with replays. Eventually I see SM3DL and ALBW getting to 100 hours with replays but thats still aways off.

BOTW will probably overtake TP eventually since its easier to explore/replay BOTW.
I usually average about 100hrs for open-world games that I enjoy. Somehow it's always extremely close to 100, give or take 10 hours, and depending on DLC.

Few games that fit this bill:
-Witcher 3
-Fallout NV and Fallout 4

Other games that I play in Single player, amassing over 100hours
-Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 (probably 300hr or more, love challenging myself in different scenarios, clearing maps with just pistol, Realistic Difficulty, High enemy density)
-Assetto Corsa (didn't even complete the career mode, just love drifting touge maps and hotlapping the Nurburgring, modding community is the best)

There'll be more for sure, this just the top of my head


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On record that I have right now, Fallout New Vegas with 152 hours on PC alone. 360 adds another 100 hours or so, easy.

Overall, Probably Disgaea 3 or 4. I think in 3, I had over 300 hours just trying to get 300% in all aptitudes.
Top three:

Roughly around 120-130 hours within Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360
Around 70 hours of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on PlayStation 4
Just under 50 hours on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Switch
Probably KOTOR. I've beat it at least a half dozen times, at 40 hours each (approximately), puts me up to ~250 hours. My most recent playthrough was like 70! hours, but that was with my playing every possible Pazaak game and beating all swoop racing tournies which no doubt extended my play time quite a bit.

I should really play Kotor II more, I do prefer the story and characters; it's a shame it was rushed so much. Even with TSLRCM, it has worse gameplay and world design because of the crunch.
Off the top of my head, I can think of these

Over 100 Hours:
Dragon Age Origins
Fallout 3
Dragon Age Inquisition
Metal Gear Solid V
The Witcher 3
Fallout 4

Zelda may soon be joining that list