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what's the point of the Apple Watch?


I sync podcasts to my watch and pair it to my headphones, so I can listen to them while running without my phone. That feature alone makes it worthwhile for me.


We have a book of 5000 "facts" for kids. One of them is about how the next ipods will be worn on the wrist like a bracelet. Maybe the Apple Watch exists just to make this a fact.


Maybe it's because I have kids and I do my best to peel them away from screens as much as possible, but I think this level of convenience and luxury cannot be good for us long-term.
What's sold as a fitness device is a dopamine delivery unit and status symbol for a life you want others to think is so hectic you need this shit to manage it all. Just my $.02.


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The same as every other Apple Product. To waste a shitload of money on overpriced electronics so that you can feel intellectually superior to others and make them jealous. But in reality its just you spending a shitload of money on stuff that is made either equally as good or better by other companies for a lower price so that the people around you can think you are a bit of an idiot and/or a douche.

Or maybe that is just me. 🤷‍♂️
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I have a Gear S2 Classic.

Even not being able to use it for payments where I live, it was nice for music controls, calendar reminders, triaging messages (read: not bothering to reply if I swipe them away and don't get my phone out), rejecting calls, timers, basic activity tracking, and of course telling the time. I did use it for regular days and found it worth charging every night, though eventually the strap broke (again, after several years) and I just didn't bother replacing it. More modern smartwatches have a few more features that are nice.

I will say that having to charge it every night (or two) was a bit much and probably why out of inertia I didn't bother going back to it in the end. I wore it often for a good five years though. Now I use a Polar sports smartwatch that lasts about a week. Not having to charge it so often is a big plus. Still no niceties like payments, but it's a professional sports device that gives me lots of pretty graphs to tell me how unfit I am and badly I sleep (best in the business ones).

All throughout though, I have worn analogue and digital watches, especially on trips because fuck charging more than a phone on them. And nothing beats a nice analogue watch with a suit. Don't be the arse who wears a smartwatch to a wedding or the like; have some more respect for yourself. Could be worse though, you could have been a Glasshole.
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1) Fitness tracker
2) Keep your phone in your pocket when receiving a text or notification. This is an undervalued utility, since keeping your phone in your pocket prevents you from checking your email, your social media feeds, and whatever other distractions you have on your phone every time you use it.

Seriously. This is such a huge, practical benefit of the Watch that is sort of hard to grasp until you have one. We have interactions with tech that are supposed to be quick and focused, the phone is too powerful for things like this.

Getting out of bed without spending 30 minutes reading on my phone after picking it up to turn off my alarm is much easier with the Watch.


My wife loves her as she’s a occupational therapist and can’t take out her phone all the time.

For me it would be a very expensive Fitbit 🤷‍♂️
Yeah I work in a lab and it really helps to be able to see who is calling me without having to take my gloves off and step out of the lab. Same with texts - is my wife texting me to say that my kid is sick or she needs me to pay something ASAP or just to say that the grocery store was out of green beans.


We ain't outta here in ten minutes, we won't need no rocket to fly through space
To extract money from people with too much of it.


I use it mainly for three things:
- stealth notifications, especially at work
- unlock phone with mask on
- shopping list app: OurGroceries lets my wife put the goods in and I take them out at the store. The list is on my wrist. No need for paper or to hold my phone.


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Well, with anything Apple, there's always some amount of status symbol to it. Not necessarily exclusionary, but Apple has built a good brand loyalty that makes people say, why wouldn't you want an Apple product because it's so ubiquitous?

For me, I've tried a few smart watches and I just don't get them in general. 90% of the time, the partial functionality and ease of access is not enough and you have to pull out your phone anyways. The health tracking can be useful though and I'm currently using a Mi band 6 watch for tracking pulse and O2. I think it cost about $30 on sale. I like it because it's small, lightweight, and has the basic functionality that I needed for a cheap price. It has some cool watch faces too.
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