What's your favorite game this gen so far (XBS and PS5 consoles only)

It's almost 2 years in and many gamers have been underwhelmed by the game output so far this generation, but things are starting to get better and it's expected that next year we will finally see a major shift to next-gen only game development.

With that being said, for what's been released on next generations consoles so far (Xbox Series and PlayStation 5) what has been your favorite game?


Demon's Souls is one of my all time favorites so that. I was also really surprised by Rift Apart since I didn't really love R&C 2016. I played through it twice in succession which isn't something that I usually do.

I've yet to really get into Returnal and Deathloop which I've only played partially so far. But they're both really promising.


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it hard because most favourite game this gen were mostly on Switch but if we can only choose from PS5 games then I have to with Elden Ring for now.



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Elden Ring. Will take something spectacular (probably the next From game) to top it.


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I'm probably gonna enjoy ragnarock more than anything i played in the past 2 years on ps5.

First 2 years were pretty meh except for returnal and ratchet\horizon graphic prowess.

Demons was ok, but it really felt like the less evolved from soft game, graphic is not gonna change that.
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Not much...
PS5 hasn't released any must-have games yet for me, unless you count the multi-generation ones.
In that case, Elden Ring.

As for Demon's Souls, I have already played it back on PS3, and I've seen it's an exact copy in terms of gameplay, where they didn't even bother to re-balance it.
When It comes to Forbiden West and Returnal I'm waiting for a discount/complete edition to buy them.

This generation generally feels like a fart.
Demons Souls and Deathloop. Demons souls was probably my least favorite of the souls borne genre and is still better than most games released. Deathloop level design is just unmatched. Can almost count cyberpunk as a next gen only release at this point.


PS5 DE. Played Astro, God of War, Lost Legacy, Stray and Crash 4. So not played any ‘next gen’ games on it.

Series S. Played a shit tonne, again, no next gen ‘games’ unless you include Flight Sim, which I wouldn’t say is my favourite anything.
If its current systems only then I'll probably go with Neptunia ReVerse :messenger_smirking: GT7 otherwise as the game I've spent the most time on the PS5 with.


Let me guess...
For the PS6 it will be The Last of Us part 1.
For the PS7 it will be The Last of Us part 1.
For the PS8 it will be The Last of Us part 1...
and so on.
Seeing as how the game has only been topped by its sequel 10 years later... this isn't actually hard to imagine. The remake is an inditement on the state of the industry, it shits on everything else trying to do the same thing it did a decade ago.


So, we are talking about games that you can't play on older generation consoles?

Deathloop. I'm still relatively early in the game, but it just tailor-made for me. So good, especially after I fiddled around with control settings. I think one of its most underrated virtues is how constantly hilarious it is.
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