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What's your favorite Sony game of the ps4 generation

What's the best sony PS4 game

  • Bloodborne

  • Uncharted 4

  • Horizon zero dawn

  • Gran turismo sport

  • God of war

  • Spiderman

  • Days gone

  • Death stranding

  • The last of us part 2

  • Ghost of tsushima

  • The last guardian

  • Dreams

  • Something else

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Played almost all of them. Bloodborne is close, but my vote goes to Days Gone (on PS5 for 60fps). The story, writing and characters were up there with anything Naughty Dog has put out, but the gunplay was much better and arguably up there with the best tps’s as it was made by a bunch of the old Socom guys.


Was reading your list and scoring them in my head till i got to God of War.. and then game over.
So God of War 2018 is a 10 for me
The Last of Us 2 is like 9.9
Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone and HZD are 9
Uncharted 4 and Death Stranding are 8.5
Come to think about it, it was an amazing list of games.
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Sony make cringe trainers.
The last of Us 2 without a doubt. To me it's a reference point, like Resident Evil 4, or Metal Gear Solid.


Days Gone for me. I love that game so much, don't care what the haters say, it's brillant and the biggest shame ever, that we won't get a second part.
It's definitely Ghost of Tsushima.

I've never seen such a perfect combination of art direction, lighting and realistically convincing foliage with wind blowing through it.

Not to mention it was based in an awesome historical era, took itself seriously and respected it's own world.

It some how looks like a cartoon while being one of the most realistic things I've ever seen. If they make a PS5 sequel it will be absolutely unbelievable.

It was simply the game of the generation for me.

Honorable mention to Days Gone. Once that game hit PS5 it was nearly flawless. It has the best dynamic weather I've seen in a game yet.
I've done a lot of long distance backpack hiking throughout the years. Death Stranding somewhat replicates the therapeutic nature of it. The ability to relax, listen to a podcast in the background, while exploring/building the world is a really unique experience for me in gaming. Can't wait for DS2


Very difficult for me, comes down to:

Ghost of Tshima
God of War
Uncharted 4

Im not sure, lmao- love em all equally. But I would say Spiderman had the most replayability for me.


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Very close race between Spider-Man and Ghost of Tsushima for me, had so much fun with both of those and completed both 100%.


Driveclub for me. Had a good balance of simcade style handling in my opinion. The tracks were fairly enjoyable and add the dynamic weather on top.. about 800hrs of fun.

Only let down was no Pro patch for the PS4. Maybe 60fps was out of the question but a small res upgrade?
Uncharted 4. Looked great, played great, and a decent enough story.

As far as best publisher? Nah. They are the best at the story driven third person adventure games, without a doubt.
That's their genre.
Outside of that it's pretty barren.
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