What's your sex routine?

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it happens all sorts of ways. Picking her up and just throwing her onto the bed is a pretty good start. Making a really good diner for her also a great way. Or you know just straight telling or asking for it.
I just usually say "do you want to have sex sometime in the next few hours." I'm married, it's not some puzzle that needs to be solved.
Yep. One of us usually says, "You wanna fuck?"

Then it's kissing, fondling, blowjob, cunnilingus, fucking. Sometimes bits get left off, sometimes we do it in a different order, but that's the standard meal plan.
Hahahaha wut? Way too much overthinking. It's an intuitive thing you can just sense when they want to have sex. One thing I do like to do is pick up my girl and carry her to my bed like a caveman.


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I find that no change in mood is necessary. When you're with someone who wants you, they are always game. Sometimes when I'm driving with my wife, I'll reach over and tweak her nipple to get a giggle out of her. The other night we were watching TV. Our son was upstairs sleeping. The show we were watching was over and she was about to go upstairs to bed. So I said, "Hold on a sec..." and crawled over to her side of the couch and started kissing her. I stroked her neck a bit, ran my fingers through her hair, then let my hands wander. Before you know it, her clothes are coming off, as are mine. We had some fun in the living room then ran upstairs to have more fun in the bedroom.

This is by no means a routine. It's different every time. There's just no elaborate preparation. Chemistry between two people means you don't have to trick each other into sex with some subtle ploys.

As for after, sometimes we use towels, but usually we clean ourselves up in the bathroom. She tends to go first since the majority of the mess is on her when we're done.
Hahahaha wut? Way too much overthinking. It's an intuitive thing you can just sense when they want to have sex. One thing I do like to do is pick up my girl and carry her to my bed like a caveman.
Maybe I wrote too much in the OP so people skimmed a bit. I'm not over thinking anything. I just thought about my past and noticed some "steps" or "tactics" or whatever you want to call them that I usually use and wrote em down.

thought y'all would too LOL
She complains about me being on the computer and not watching TV with her. I get off computer, have sex with her and then get back on the computer.

I've been trying to learn Android app development lately so that has made me be at my computer more than usual.
Not entirely sure how to respond to this. Circumstances are often different. The only consistent thing is that at some point my erection was touched.
I meet her Grandmother. We laugh for hours reminiscing about the old country, eating ribbon candy and dancing the Charleston.
I promise things I have no intention of ever doing.
We go out for a late lunch, I packed up the picnic basket the night before.
As the sun sets, we look into each others eyes. I begin to chew the fish sticks with my mouth open.
I tell her that sweater looks awful on her. She begins to lose interest.
I pretend to choke on a mouthful of Cheetos.
After she gives me CPR, I suggest we go to the Holiday Inn. It's right up the street.
I need to stop at the Walgreens on the way to pick up my prescription. And dog food.
She waits in the car.
We finish checking in, but only after she agrees to pay for half the room. It's only fair.
As we climb the stairs to our sensual love grotto, I get that funny feeling, that rush of exhilaration...and shame.
I need to change my pants. And get a refund for the room.
She looks upset about something.
I ask for a ride to IHOP.
With each syrupy bite, I am VERY satisfied.
I simply keep an Xbox One game in my pocket. When the time is right I lean over and whisper, "girl are we fuckin'?Cause this activation code ain't payin' itself."
"Baby's asleep, wanna fuck?"

"Shit yeah!"



"Goddamn that was awesome."

*cleanup in the bathroom and she has to pee because bladder infections*

"Wanna snuggle on the couch and watch TV?"

"Shit yeah!"

The spoken lines can be said be either one of us. Married sex is simple sex and best sex.
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