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Whats your view on exclusive content between consoles?

Do you prefer more exclusives between the consoles or less?

  • Yes, I prefer there to be more exclusive game content between the two consoles

    Votes: 118 54.1%
  • No, I think everyone should be able to play the majority of games without buying multiple consoles

    Votes: 64 29.4%
  • Meh, I'm a PC gamer, so I'm gonna get everything eventually.

    Votes: 36 16.5%

  • Total voters

Boy bawang

I dislike exclusives, but I have no money problem so if I really like a game its minor hassle. Still, unless a game is first party, I prefer for everything to be multiplatform.

Astral Dog

I Own a switch.......if I'm spending my money I worked hard for I get to have an opinion, I draw the line at Nintendo cause they are the only ones not making an attempt to make their games more accessible, it's ok for you to not like having options but I will always champion that cause, also Wii u games getting a second wind is cool and all but allowing those who already own the game to play it on their new switch wouldn't kill anybody. Well some years down the line this won't even be an issue anymore so I'll wait and pick and choose what I buy, like I have always done.
Good for you

They clearly enjoy releasing their own game system, Nintendo is the more toy like company of the 3, the more family friendly brand and the first option parents buy to their kids, Wii was the first console to bring motion controls to the masses, DS dual screen and stylus, 3DS 3D without glasses, and Switch an hybrid that plays both handheld and TV. their prices are accessible and value strong.

Games like Xenoblade, Metroid, Bayonetta and Fire Emblem get developed as exclusives because they serve the purpose of bringing a diverse playerbase to the system, without that goal these games would either not get made or not get the budget they need, a healthy Nintendo is good for the industry, and their quality standards are even higher since they need to sell those plastic boxes.

In the future all this could change sure, and all their games end up multiplatform someway, but there is a group of toxic internet dwellers that's been 'hoping'🤞 Nintendo goes third party for years, not because they need to, are selfless heroes looking out for their fellow gamer bros or for the sake of the company, they simply don't value or support what Nintendo actually brings to the videogame industry.

And selling games/consoles to them is understandably, not a priority for the company at this moment.
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Different content all the way, or same games with additional console specofic content. I was such a big fan of Soul Cal 2 back in the day, each console had their respective bonus fighters, it was glorious.


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I’m good with whatever the platform holders, publishers, and developers decide on, assuming they are competing aggressively for my expenditure. I’m a person that will buy a console, play what’s exclusive to it, sell it and the games. I’ve probably owned every major system released since 2007, and currently have a XSX, Switch Lite, and a PC getting a bit long in the tooth (i7-3770, GTX 1080). Each company can fight in the same space and have their own key strengths they tackle to excel at. I’m also of the opinion that games don’t need released on all available platforms on Day 1. Nothing wrong with optimizing one platform, then taking on the next.
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Astral Dog

All this arguing with my bud Wunray makes me think, wait, what would happen if Nintendo were to actually port their games to PC? 😳🤔🤔

say they entertain the idea of selling their games on Steam, this is when it gets tricky, unlike Sony that devalues their AAA games like they were trash and won't make a big difference if its sold on PlayStation or PC, Nintendo is very against losing value on their prices, they wouldn't sell Breath of the Wild on the store unless it was priced at $60, even then, would need to pay Valve/Microsoft 20% or 30%, a big disadvantage compared to what they earn now, i have no idea how much $60 Nintendo games would perform on those stores(i imagine, less than most people expect) when competition is fiercer.

There is also the risk if fans like Wunray stop buying Nintendo games on Switch to slowly move to play on PC,how that would affect their business if they are actively removing value from their system.

One possible solution would be opening their own virtual store and set the prices as they want, with full percentage of the profit, but it sounds messy and unlikely at this moment

old games or titles like Mario X Rabbids are already published by Ubisoft and could be easily sold on PC without changing anything as they hold less value for Nintendo, basically serving as 'bait' to bring people to their system, like their mobile games already do.

There are indeed options, but nothing that screams big benefit for Nintendo tbh, unless there is something im not seeing here 🤨🤨🤨
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I like the console manufacturers porting to PC.

That's the best of both worlds to me as they can still focus on their console for the main version of the game.. port later to PC.

Technology is such that everything is engine based these days.. and engines can be tuned amazingly well for console, to take advantage of all the power.. and then also ported to PC.

Sony are showing they are kings at this shit for instance. Days Gone is amazing on PC, as is God of War. Both are also stunning on PS4 Pro.. amazing what Sony managed to squeeze out of that hardware.


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There's only two correct answers in the poll
The other one is completely wrong
1) Yes - there should be more exclusive game content between all platforms
2) Yes - I think everyone should be able to play the majority of games without buying multiple consoles but expect exclusives to other platforms that they won't be able to play without owning that platform.
Sorry, but you don't buy a Xbox to Play Mario
Or a Switch to play Horizon Forbidden West
3) No - they don't eventually get everything.


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I'm a fan of studios making games on a single console and dedicating time and money into using the consoles potential, I'm not a fan of studios taking money to keep something like Among Us from other hardware it can run on without much work.
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I have all three current consoles and a decent gaming PC (3080/5800x). Personally, I don't care. I suppose in a perfect world games would release on all consoles (or there would only be one console) but I do not believe that is going to happen nor should it. Exclusivity brings a certain value to a console that can't be replaced by teraflops or whatever the next big marketing bullet point will be. I am not wealthy and have been flat broke at times in my life but I have never felt like I missed out on a game. My friends and I would often trade consoles, etc., so we never really missed anything. Actually the wheeling and dealing was probably more fun than the actual gaming at times.


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According to this thread's poll: People still love console wars.
IMO, exclusivity isn't what drives the console wars. Fanboys are going to fanboy regardless. Just look at the comparison videos we have where victories are claimed by one or two fps advantage over the other. Fanboys drive console wars and will do so regardless of the circumstance.


I will follow series around from console to console, like if I really wanted to play REmake that badly (legally) for something like 15 years, I needed a GameCube. Certainly when it was new I needed a GC, I know i could BC it via the Wii/U? For me it's kinda simple. Exclusives drive console adaption. I don't like to take a bath on console hardware unless I can list at least 3-5 games I want the machine for.


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How can you say this is your hobby when you take issue with buying multiple systems to access the games you want to play?

I really don't understand some people sometimes. Just go where the games are that you want to play, it's that simple. If you aren't willing to do that then you don't really want to play the things you claim to want to play, and that's ok too.


because no other publisher was not willing to support it other than Nintendo.
But no one's forcing Nintendo to release it only there. Their fanbase would still buy it on Nintendo console but they would also sell more copies if they release it elsewhere. Everyone wins.

Of course a game released on one platform is better than not having it at all. But it shouldn't be this binary choice at all. You see great potential in a game and want to fund and publish it and have the financial means to do it on all/most platforms? Then do it, make this game you believe in available for anyone interested it independent of their choice of hardware.

This would be amazing!


I didn’t vote because there was no option for who gives a fuck. This is console war shit. If you wanna wear a cheerleader outfit and Pom Pom’s for ANY of the hardware makers, then a game come out you’d on another platform….. oh fucking well. As a GAMER I get em all for this reason. I love all video games. Love my PS5, XSX, PC. Whatever games come out I’m covered.


I've always been mixed on this.

On the one hand being able to play everything on a single platform would be really convenient and easy. If I could just buy a Seres X and play Starfield, God of War Ragnarok and Breath of the Wild 2 on it that would be awesome.
On the other hand though I think historically platform exclusives have been a big factor in pushing these companies to make better games, because they aren't just trying to get revenue through direct game sales but rather use them as a way to get people to join their platform.
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