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When its all said and done, which console will be more successful, PS5 or Xbox Series X|S?


With the next generation of console gaming just days away, the ultimate battle will be fought between Sony Interactive's PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Corporation's next generation Xbox line with the Series X and Series S. Unlike last generation, where Sony and the PlayStation 4 practically steamrolled an incompetent Microsoft and their disastrous initial plans for the Xbox One, The rivalry between the two this time is the closest it's ever been in years.

Sony's platform promises a substantial generation leap, with a heavily custom SSD allowing for supposedly, the fastest load speeds in gaming. 3D Audio with Sony's Tempest Engine. And an innovative DualSense controller with Haptics, and Adaptive Triggers. All that, plus the promise of exclusives, both from SIE's own Worldwide Studios division (AKA PlayStation Studios), or console exclusives from third party publishers that take advantage of the console's unique and cutting edge tech, along with backwards compatibility with all but 10 games from the PS4's 4,000+ library and counting.

Microsoft meanwhile, is going for more evolution than revolution. Learning from the mistakes of the Xbox One's initial pre-launch, the new line of consoles come out in a much stronger position. Leading the next gen of Xbox is the Series X. Microsoft is billing it as its most powerful Xbox yet, and is a more powerful machine overall than the PS5. It's backwards compatible with all Xbox One games, including Xbox and Xbox 360 titles previously made backwards compatible on the Xbox One, along with all the original controllers too, a big advantage over the PS5, which at the moment, is only capable of playing PS4 games, with DualShock 4 support limited to that. Xbox Game Studios has beefed up with a flurry of new studio acquisitions, and Microsoft is in the process of a $7.5 million merger with ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks, effectively giving them two software publishing branches to work with. That, along with Microsoft making some of their own exclusive deals as well.

Both consoles so far have shown strengths and weaknesses. The PS5 has a much faster SSD than the X|S, but the X|S at the moment has more storage options. The X|S has more backwards compatibility support than the PS5, but the PS5 has shown more promising next gen games. The DualSense is far more innovative and feature rich than the new Xbox Controller, but the new Xbox Controller is also cheaper. The Series S is less powerful than the Series X vs. the PS5 Digital Edition essentially being the same machine, but the Series S is also the cheapest next gen option.

Really, both Sony and Microsoft have done a great job selling their visions for next generation, though I will say Microsoft has done a better job at consistent transparency compared to Sony, who for most of the year, more or less stayed radio silent on PS5 details. But ultimately, when these two inevitably release to the public, which one do you think will be more successful?

So far, I'm leaning towards the PS5 coming out on top. Microsoft may have "Consumer friendliness" on their side this time around, but the PlayStation 5 has simply shown off better games so far. Xbox's big exclusives are still up in the air, with the newest Halo delayed indefinitely, leaving only a small lineup of Xbox One ports as its first party launch titles. The PS5 meanwhile, at least has games like Miles Morales and Demon Souls Remake to play on day one, it even comes with a free built-in platformer. Plus, future exclusives like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Destruction AllStars, Returnal, and Horizon: Forbidden West all arriving shortly after launch, alongside console exclusive third party games like DeathLoop and Ghostwire Tokyo, and various indies. PS5 simply has a stronger lineup so far than the next gen Xbox, and with it being at a competitive price, I think more people are going to buy into Sony's offering until Microsoft starts actually showing some progress on their investments. Still, Xbox Game Pass, and the fact that you can play games stretching across 3 generations of Xbox on the new hardware will help Microsoft hold its own this time.


At the end of the day, both consoles are great for next gen. Sony however have a much bigger following from the success of PS4, so the question is.. how many of those would be swayed towards XSX rather then PS5. I don't believe XSX has enough of a USP to sway many PS4 owners, on top of that, PS5 is looking great and has the controller experience USP.

I believe we will see a 2:1 split this gen for PS5:Xbox sales.
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I believe Xbox Series S/X will do much better this gen compared to Xbox One. But I see no movement that indicates the picture for PS5 is gonna change, and it undoubtedly will be the leader once more, except if something no one expects happens in the future.
I think Sony has the first 2 years in the bag already, from sheer PS4 momentum and their announced lineup.
After that maybe/hopefully MS` multiple studio acquisitions might start to pay off and level they playing field somewhat by adding more desirable first party offerings to MS` roster.


Sony will carry on with their dominance but the difference will be a lot tighter. Although with Xbox having a PC and a streaming option it will dilute console hardware sales somewhat and it's not going to be just a straight comparison of box sales to determine who has the most market share with their eco-system.
If Xbox manage to pull their finger out that's lodged firmly between their ass cheeks, the momemtum could turn around like it did Xbox 360 vs PS3. The 360 was absolutely dominating the whole gen until Sony got their own finger out and start making better games.

Maybe it was a fluke with the Xbox 360, but if those 21+ studios start firing out top quality exclusives, there is absolutely no reason Xbox couldn't make a comeback that no one predicted. inb4 "but Xbox games aren't exclusive", yes but not everyone has a top tier PC capable of matching the quality of the console itself. infact, only a tiny minority does.


Playstation will win, but it will be by 30-40m instead of 60-70m like this gen. MS can put themselves in a position to beat PS6 by having a good gen this time around, but this race is already won for PS.


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Early to say but atm the momentum seems to be completely on PlayStation side despite MS’s best efforts of trying to control the narrative for the past 12 months. And they had a ton of help too.


PS number wise, no question.

MS screwed up in the most important gen, when digital purchases took off. People are now too invested in their respective ecosystem.

However, I think MS will make good in roads, and hopefully start producing lots of quality 1st party games.

If we get another gen or two before it's all streaming, then they could bring themselves back into contention like the 360 days.
Think Market Sway will be key here. As of 2 days ago, PS4 has sold 112.50 million units lifetime and the Xbox One 48.31 million units. The key is has MS done enough to shift those numbers more in their favour? Personally, I don't think so. I expect better numbers, but still significantly behind. Most will stay with their previous generation I believe and that Puts Sony at an Advantage.




If Xbox manage to pull their finger out that's lodged firmly between their ass cheeks, the momemtum could turn around like it did Xbox 360 vs PS3. The 360 was absolutely dominating the whole gen until Sony got their own finger out and start making better games.
360 did well not just because of it's own successes, but also because Sony shat the bed for the first half of the generation. Difference here is that, while MS can build their own momentum, nothing suggests Playstation are going to fuck up, so a big swing in one gen is almost impossible



this is my first time getting an Xbox instead of Playstation though. PS5 isn't really doing much for me right now. the only games i want to play on it are Demons Souls + Horizon Forbidden West. i'm way more excited about Xbox this time but yeah Playstation will do better.


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Consoles PS5, Sony had all its eggs in one basket. MS has there brand spread across consoles, pc, and now mobile. Soon you won’t even need a console to play MS stuff on your tv with the cloud.


Well obviously PS5 will be more successful, but I'm intrigued to see what console sales will be around the time of an Elder Scrolls or Fallout exclusive(if they end up being exclusive).


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PS5 without a doubt, however MS ecosystem is going to be probably larger with xCloud and PC GamePass...


Most likely playstation.

Not because the PS5 is a better console but because of their Brand. In the end playstation doesn't fail due to loyalists. Xbox could do everything gamers ask for and they still wouldn't get props or praise. Also it's xbox so we know they are gonna fuck soemthing up and they did, they fucked up their launch by having 0 games to counter Sony's 3

In the end for MS it's not about how many boxes are sold but how many subs they get. MS is thinking about the future now where as sony is in the present.


Playstation is a global brand, while Xbox is an American and to a small degree a UK one. Something catastrophic would have to happen for the PS5 to not outsell the Xbox. PS5 has the potential to sell even more than the PS4, while I don't see the Xbox sell any more than the Xbox One, given its lack of any next generation games for the next year and a half at least and limited market reach.


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It will depend on whether MS can get their act together when it comes to 'exclusives'.

They've bought a hell of a lot of studios, but they've had more than enough time for their existing ones to have shown a turn around in quality, and there just hasn't been.

If all those new games end up being the usual MS quality of poor to middling, then I doubt many are going to be swayed to team green.

On top of that, the fact all those exclusives are also on PC means you're going to be diverting sales away from Xbox, and reducing the number of people who would buy it as a second system to a fraction of what it would normally be.

Ultimately I expect XSX to equal the XO as it's best case scenario, most likely doing worse, since this time there isn't the motivation to buy a second system, like there was last gen, due to the XO being so weak and the XOX being such a huge improvement.

PS5 and Switch 2 meanwhile just need to keep putting out the amazing exclusives and not fuck up too much by taking their audience for granted.
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This is not console warring, but Xbox simply does not have a chance in hell to beat PS5 in worldwide sales. They however will be a lot more competitive in North America this go around compared to last gen.


I think people are writing off MS way too soon. They’re the only ones (of the three) with an infrastructure and clear roadmap for the future—streaming, subscritions. Add to that they’re now the 3rd (?) largest publisher in the world. I have no doubts Sony will have stellar content this generation, but mid to late game is anyone’s. I also don’t think Jim Ryan has the right mentality for a PS head, either, he’s far too corporate and devoid of the passion for which Sony is famed (Shu, Kaz, even Cerny from a tech standpoint).


PS5 will probably sell over 130-140M by the end of its life cycle, and I believe XSX/S will do better than XBox One...maybe it could replicate what XBox 360 did ?

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Microsoft will see success with GamePass over last generation regardless of how Sony does.

However PS5 will have the coveted first (and some third) party exclusives.

Wich leaves Nintendo a little behind tech wise
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Ideally we'd get a 50/50 market share between both, with MS and Sony at eachothers throats on a weekly basis but everybody knows the PS5 will wipe the floor with the xbox. Perhaps not initially as 500+ isn't a mass market price (digital consoles can fuck off) but we all know what's coming.
360 did well not just because of it's own successes, but also because Sony shat the bed for the first half of the generation. Difference here is that, while MS can build their own momentum, nothing suggests Playstation are going to fuck up, so a big swing in one gen is almost impossible
yeah true, but that doesn't mean Xbox can't be 100+ million selling unit if they start to put out undeniably high quality exclusives. As i said though, if they get the slap around the head that they need then it could happen, but i'm not putting all my eggs in one basket as they've dissapointed many times before.

PS5 is looking to have an even better generation than the last which would not only be impressive, but insane in my opinion, and i doubt Xbox will do much at this point to interfere with that.

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I think PS5 comes out ahead by a substantial margin, but I think the Series X helps MS gain a lot of the consumer trust they lost last gen.


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I guess it depends on how success is defined. If it is hardware sales then PS5 for sure. If it's overall revenue then who knows? Microsoft quit playing the traditional generation game, fully embraced PC by abandoning console exclusivity, and is focusing on using their IP's to gain and keep gamepass subscription revenue. Xbox isn't just a single device now. It's a platform to deliver game software now.


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I think this thread rather underlines the false picture some in the games community have of the wider gaming consumer base.

Its going to be 3 to 1 ratio in favour of the Ps5. Maybe more.

It‘s simply not a competition this generation in terms of consoles. Microsoft know that though - hence the way they are going about things. Their real problem is going to be Amazon anyway. They’ve already ceded the console space to Sony.
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