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When its all said and done, which console will be more successful, PS5 or Xbox Series X|S?


Sales? PS5, by far.

The new Pixel won’t outsell the new iPhone even if it was the better phone. Brand name is king, and PlayStation is a much bigger brand.


PS5 easily. They have last gen's momentum,they have the best and most experienced first party studios and their bussiness model seems much more profitable than MS's at least for this upcoming generation.

MS on the other hand is bleeding money with Gamepass a bussiness model that is only sustainable because they are Microsoft and their output from their first party studios will take a long time to come.And even then we really don't know how these first party titles will turn out when you consider the pressure those studios will be having to release their games as soon as possible in order to fill Gamepass gaps.We have seen the first signs of this mentality with Halo Infinite.
Also with the majority of Xbox users being content with GP and not buying games Xbox income is severely limited when compared to Sony's which has a much more healthier physical market share.
Of course since MS doesn't give actual sales numbers or Gamepass costs their PR will always try to make it seem as if they are very successful.
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The xss will sell the most since it’s the cheapest console. Not sure if that defines how successful it will be though. I would say Xbox comes out as the winner if I had to choose though


Should have had a poll ;-)

PS4 has built a lot of loyalty, but general public have been known to be fickle


Switch 2.
Yup. Either "Switch 2" or "Series S", basically because price.

COVID-19 has made a dent on people's economy and Series S cheap alternative looks extremely attractive to the masses.

You have to remember that PS5/XSX are "elite" consoles, not meant for the general public, but hardcore fans (like the ones found on this forum).


At the end of the day I think Sony will win big, but MS will gain some market share. Reasoning below.

1. The Electronics market suffers more and more from ecosystem lock-in effects. Apple kinda started it and it is hugely successful to keep all your info/settings and software purchases and just upgrade to the newest model. If I didn’t have a ton of games to finish/replay from my PS4-catalogue (both digital and disc) I think I would have jumped to Xbox this time. Not because I think it’s a better deal but just to switch things up a bit. My friends reasoning similarly, but will stay on PlayStation so we can play multi together on same platform. This is the primary reason I will get a PS5 and I don’t think it’s too uncommon. It will be hard for Xbox to gain more market share this time.

2. MS simply does not have enough focus to bring Xbox to the top as they are entertaining several platforms simultaneously. Sony is still reliant on pushing a lot of machines to keep their profit machine going - and are more believers in “generations”. This will force them to bring more top tier exclusives and pressure to make the PS5 a worthy successor to PS4.

I think we have two brilliant offerings on the table from both MS and Sony this time around - and for current gamers I think a lot depends on what ecosystem you’re in.

For new gamer entrants - the joker is Xbox S - that will be interesting to follow. :)
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But their software sales won't be as good due to their prices and I expect within two to three years, they will have developed their own Gamepass service (beyond the PSNow stuff).


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Xbox Series X/S will do enough in the second half of the generation to pull ahead of the PS5.

But the first 2 years goes to Sony.

Alan Wake

PS5 by a mile, even though Series S/X will see increased marketshare, it probably won't be close.

Exactly. Everyone knows this. Success in the console business has been re-defined in recent years, though, with services like Game Pass. Microsoft could make a shit ton of money and still be judged as "losers" on gaming forums because Sony will move more units.


The gap will be pretty close. The ps5 will probably sell maybe 5-10m more than the Xbox, that’s IF Microsoft gets those new exclusives off the ground fast enough.


I really want to see how the Bethesda acquisition works out for them in a few years. Starfield, Doom and Elder scrolls being console exclusive will move a few consoles. However if those games are day 1 game pass and pc it won’t help them much at all. Should be a really interesting mid to late gen.
PS5 will outsell XSX+S by a considerable margin.

Xbox will claw back some market share in their core regions; i.e. US + UK. But even then it'll still be close.


Nobody can realistically expect Xbox to take the lead, and to be honest I don’t want them to. Competitive MS is best MS. If they get anywhere near ‘winning’ they’ll just shit the bed again.

I do expect better numbers than X1 though.


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Depends what you mean by success really and if we're talking relatively. Microsoft have more scope to be more successful because relatively they have more margin for gains. Sony will still sell the majority of consoles and they will be happy with a smaller growth. If MS was to move 20 million more consoles and Sony only moved 1 million more, then Microsoft have had a more successful generation overall but Sony have still done superbly.

In terms of just consoles in houses, then I don't see past Sony really.


PS5. No doubt. Even if MS´ GamePass plan turns out highly succesful (which is quite possible), this won't change all that much for console sales (GP will be available throught lots of channels), PS5 will lead those without a problem.

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Honestly, if not for Series S -due to its price-, it would have been a bloodbath. Series X will sell far worse than Xbox One.


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PS5 is going to be dominant.

I don't know the marketshare of the Xbox One, most people estimate about 1/3rd, and I think the XSX/S is going to have less than that. Not going to lie, I think the PS5 could get 90%+ of the market this gen.
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Hey Blinkin

No reason to think the needle will move that much away from Sony, but I don't think it'll be a huge difference.

I hope both consoles sell well and everyone has a great time.


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It's far too early to tell, I feel this next gen will be much better to Xbox than current/last gen. That being said I can't help but feel like Sony will be in the lead again much like they were with the current/last gen. But we'll see as it's still early. Sony will most certainly deliver exclusives that will be appealing to many folks, Xbox COULD pull some good exclusives as well.

All in all we have an exciting few years ahead for gaming.

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It is a marathon not a sprint. Also “more successful” is not only PS5 vs XSX/S consoles sales anymore. It is about the sales of services and profitability of the division.
PS5 will obviously outsell the X/S, but as for games thats more interesting, it depends on what MS 1st Parties come up with


PS5 will sell most, obviously.

However, I think that two years from now, MS's first-party output will dwarf Sony's. Giving them a little boost (But still not outselling).


PS5 for sure, but i am expecting more Sony only fans to pick up an Xbox this gen as well... so a closer split than previous gen.


PS5 still a 500 $ console, it wont do PS4 numbers and the digital edition will not
be available anytime soon also it will be the worst selling PS console in Japan ..
btw people here expected the switch to be a huge fail, guess what happend lol
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I have to say, PS5 by a huge margin. Playstation has been on fire through the ENTIRE generation, this momentum will carry them far.

Xbox will have to prove itself, but.. I think they are more than capable to do so. I think the END of the next-gen will be very interesting. I predict the difference will be the smallest at the very end; when all of the Xbox's heavy hitters have finally been released and they can build upon that in future console generations.

Xbox Series will still be about laying the foundation. Playstation already has so much to stand upon.


Early momentum is with PS5, however if PlayStation are too complacent I can see Xbox pulling back market share... particularly in North America and the UK.

Timed exclusives have such limited value and all the hype around having Deathloop and Ghostwire died when Microsoft announced that they bought Zenimax, if Jim and the team have not learned anything from that I do fear that they will lose more market share than they could foresee.

The whole industry is consolidating before their eyes and they just sit there like it has no effect on them.... they missed the boat on Atlus, From, Zenimax and many others. On top of that they lost their relationships with Gen Design (Team Ico), Quantic Dream, Supermassive and others....

So not all is rose-y on the PS side. Buying a studio like Bluepoint just will not cut it anymore.
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I really want xbox to close the gap but launching series x with 0 exclusives shows you how the gen will go , if they launched with forza and halo we might had an argument but with 0 exclusives and almost no confirmed ones in 2021 the first 2 years sony will win and win by a landslide


If Microsoft wowed everyone with the Halo Infinite reveal and maybe another game or 2 for launch, I think we’d have a much closer race.
Love it or hate it, Spider-Man MM launching day 1 with PS5 will shift consoles, kids love Spider-Man like you wouldn’t believe(Just look at how well the cartoons and the movies are doing) not to mention a Soulsborne game that looks better then almost anything out there!

Then on top of all of this Sony’s marketing out the ass right now, blasting ads all over the NFL live games and the Presidential Election!


They will both sell very well, especially if you actually compare net platforms. If MS manages to have customers on cloud android, PC, Series S and Series X, it will likely even out to PS5. But both may not be as high as expected, depending on what Nintendo does. A strong Switch 2 could cut into both.
Final prediction: MS platforms: 70 Million PS5 platform: 80 Million Nintendo Platforms: 60 Million
Keeping in mind here I fully expect MS to make more net profit with Game pass over the duration of the generation on their 70 million that either Sony or Nintendo does.

Also keep in mind, the fact that MS is not launching Halo might be hurting the image right now, but it might be a blessing in disguise for them if they can put together a good game for next holiday season. This year, all series X are sold out, and likely will be right through to march.
Next year, they can drop the price to $399 and will have the software they need to slug it out. Plus they can move the Series S to $199-$249 - the price the S will most likely sell at for most of it's life. If they can get the S to $199 next year it would outperform all expectations.
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I'll buy both and have no loyalty to either, but would be shocked if PS5 didn't dominate world wide sales again. Sony has crushed the sales race 3 of the 4 generations they've been in the game and even with the PS3 struggles at launch they still clawed back to finish pretty much tied with 360 behind the Wii juggernaught.

Playstation is a worldwide brand, while Xbox is only popular in a few markets. That makes it very tough for Xbox to sell on par with Playstation unless Sony really screws up or MS catches lightning in a bottle with some new trend like Nintendo did with the Wii. Neither is happening this time as they both played it safe with pretty same-ish consoles that only diehards will notice any real power/feature difference between.

MS seems to know this reality well with their shift to focusing more on Gamepass, Xcloud etc., Spencer saying consoles sold aren't the only metric etc. I think that's smart as they've gotten thumped by Sony in console sales two out of three generations they've both been around and doing something different to try to hit the profit margins their investors expect is probably smart vs. doing the same things that hadn't worked out as well for them.


Just looking at media coverage the past few weeks, PlayStation is going outsell the Xbox. Difference will be bigger than this generation.

Xbox’s narrative of fantastic BC support falls on deaf ears when the competitor has a stand out game (Spider-Man) and a controller that everybody is fawning over.


No poll? PS5 without a doubt, if only because going in they have like a 70% market share not including Nintendo
It depends what you define as "doing better".

In terms of sales, I would expect PlayStation 5 to sell very well over a period of time more than XBOX.

However with the XBOX Series S having a $299 price point with decent power and performance for next gen, that could be a factor in Microsoft doing very well.


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Hard not to see ps5 running away with this gen when you compare each system’s first year lineup.


If Xbox manage to pull their finger out that's lodged firmly between their ass cheeks, the momemtum could turn around like it did Xbox 360 vs PS3. The 360 was absolutely dominating the whole gen until Sony got their own finger out and start making better games.

This is a common misconception. PS3 was outselling the 360 worldwide virtually every single month. However the 360 had been on the market for an extra year and the PS3 took time to catch up. If you are talking about specific regions then that's correct.


MS will have gains in marketshare due to the value proposition, but I think PS5 will ultimately be the first to 10 million.


Exactly. Everyone knows this. Success in the console business has been re-defined in recent years, though, with services like Game Pass. Microsoft could make a shit ton of money and still be judged as "losers" on gaming forums because Sony will move more units.
Gamepass costs a shit ton of money for MS to sustain and due to its existence the majority of Xbox users have stopped buying games. How exactly will MS be considered as a "winner"?


PS5 will be the more popular console.
Xbox will have more users and subscribers through gamepass on console, mobile and PC. Which is where the money is. So MS will win regardless but sony fanboys will cling onto console sales numbers as usual.


Depends on what you mean by successful. PS5 may sell more units because you have to own the console to play the games. Microsoft is going for the service approach, so the audience will be split between xbox, pc, and probably other devices if they go the streaming route (you never know.) So, it won't make sense to make an apples to apples sales comparison.


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Sony will sell more consoles and have a dominant market share probably 60-70% market share. The new studios for Microsoft won't get games out soon enough to make a difference. I do think Microsoft will have a lot of momentum and happy user base the second half of the generation.
PS5 by a mile, even though Series S/X will see increased marketshare, it probably won't be close.


They took the lead in global market share with PS3 and obliterated it with PS4.

Too many people are in the ecosystem (especially now with BC and previous-gen availability on current-gen).

MS is trying to move users to a device-agnostic mindset. They don’t want to be selling hardware, while Sony is dependent on doing so.

It's a rough analogy, but I see Sony and MS like Apple and Google.

One is selling a unified ecosystem that is seamless and reliable, the other is selling a more free/customizable experience.
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