When you think of the PlayStation 2, do you also think of cool, late night gaming vibes?


For me it has a special place in my heart as the last generation when games magazines (with demo discs) were still a (widespread, mainstream) thing.

I remember religiously buying different games magazines to get demos. And the demo to rule all demos - Metal Gear Solid 2 demo bundled with Zone of the Enders. Your bet your bottom dollar we bought Zone of the Enders just to get the MGS2 demo, spent weeks playing the demo and hardly touched ZoE.

In terms of late night gaming... yeah staying up all night running the same circuits on GT4 to save up enough Cr for the next best car (the Sunday Cup) because I was shit at all the other stages.
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Ah PS2 ❤

One of the best memories for it are:
- The launch.
I was 10 years old and it was so exciting! Me and my best friend didn't get at launch and we were just trying to find a PS2 box at the local game stores. I remember that some guy found out that there were some units in a game store downtown Helsinki and we ran there just to get a glimpse 😄
- Tekken Tag Tournament
the graphics were just mind blowing and it felt so next gen eventhough it was "just" Tekken 3 with a fresh paint coat
- Metal Gear Solid 2 (the demo)
I don't even remember how many times we played this with my friends. It was the most impressive thing ever.
- WWE Smackdown
wrestling games were so fun with friends
- God of War
both of them were awesome and appropriate games for my teenage body which was full of testosterone and anger
- Time Crisis and Guncon 2
a friend of mine bought me the second gun for a birthday and we had so much fun with lightgun games
- Silent Hill 2
Was too scary for me and it traumatized me for the rest of my life. The best horror game and the OST is just untouchable.
-Max Payne 1&2
Brings so many memories at staying in a friends' house for a sleepover and playing Max Payne AND
-Final Fantasy X
First I was a little sceptical of the voice over and characters but I quickly fell in love with the game. Maybe my favorite FF game, right after FF7.
I think of the crazy awesome library, how some of my favorite franchises ever STARTED on PS2. Seeing SSX on launch and staying up late with my buddies playing it. Seeing that intro to Onimusha or Silent Hill 2 running realtime looking almost pre-rendered. Playing Ico for the first time and just feeling that loneliness and isolation and how much you start to care about the girl with you in your adventure to escape. Playing God of War 2 and being stunned by how amazing it looked. Seeing MGS2 for the first time and not believing it was real time. Jake and Daxter and it's amazing sandbox. Staying up ALL night playing GTA3 and just sneaking a joint in my buddies room and listening to the radio in-game.

Just some really great times and amazing franchise's that started on PS2. Other than mostly PC gaming, we aren't seeing diversity and originality or grandeur on that scale anymore. Felt like PS2 had some crazy weird games constantly being released. I remember being EXCITED for fuckin' Kessen and Fantavision for Christ sakes.
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Never had a Dreamcast, but I know it happened there, but I went from PS1 to PS2 like lots of people and PS2 was the console system which you finally got some 60 fps 3D games. It was hit and miss, but NFL 2k, TM, Gran Turismo etc.... were 60 fps.

On PS1, I think the only 60 fps 3D game I played were Tekkens and that Rapid Racer boat game.
Playing games at night is not healthy, get some sleep.

But PS2 was releasing so many bangers in such a short window it was impossible to just play during the day.



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Played a bunch of JRPGs and Fighters all into the night. Sometimes into the next day. The Way of the Samurai, Dynasty Warriors, and Metal Gear Solid series were part of my late night summer games that whole gen.


When i think of the PS2 the first things that come to mind are Shadow of the Colossus and Ico,JRPGs,Silent Hills and me and my roomate playing hours upon hours of Tekken Tag,Tekken 4 and Tekken 5.


I think of a small television in the family living room and the feeling of knowing my gaming session could end at any moment.
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