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Where do you rank Elden Ring's difficulty compared to other Souls games?

How would you rank ER's difficulty?

  • Hardest Souls game to date

    Votes: 31 8.9%
  • Not the hardest, but close to it

    Votes: 35 10.0%
  • I'd put it somewhere in the middle

    Votes: 88 25.1%
  • It's one of the easier Souls games

    Votes: 101 28.9%
  • It's the easiest Souls game thus far

    Votes: 95 27.1%

  • Total voters


I’ve never really got magic in DS games in general. It’s either ridiculously easy to the point of boredom, or infuriatingly hard. And when it’s hard, it just feels like the game isn’t really designed for ranged combat.

I feel like Souls games are melee games at heart.
I think you are probably right.

(That also said, I prefer demons the most as the focus of the game was more on the levels rather than bosses…)


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Compared to other Souls games, I think it has a decently more difficult starting period since the gear you have and your low levels make you pretty weak.


The hardest part of ER is knowing where the fuck to go.

Just went through that passage with the two lions that brought me to a elevator only to find a seal about morghot or something.

Time to google.
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