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Where does Online PC and Mobile games fit in the discussion of Preserving Games?

For Consoles, We fight over / talk about Backward Compatibility as a way of preserving games to continue to be accessible to be played.

But when it comes to PC bound and Mobile games, when companies decide to move on and shut down servers for newer games, what happens to those games to continue to be played?

Where do games like Star Trek Online, DC Universe Online, Final Fantasy XIV, Genshin Impact, Call of Duty Mobile, and even Fortnite, stand on being preserved once servers go down?

Is the extent of Backward compatible just for AAA single-player sandbox and Cult Classics?

Private servers only are realized once a dev is willing to make the source code public which may take years after a game is unsupported. Mobile Games, being that they are more a service than game, become vaporware once a game company decides to move on. Many mobile games are also bound to the Mobile OS version. Because of this, Mobile games will likely not run in a Smartphone Emulation launcher because the game is so tied to a service.

(Speaking in general for all games here, Unlike the Music Industry, Gaming suffers from posthumous content. there is no Estate established, away from the original publisher, to preserve the game. Streaming seems to be the likely option but again, Online and mobile games are not within the games being preserved)

But all of these setbacks could be demanded and changed by gamers to be addressed so that these games can be preserved.


Some online games have been reverse engineered and are playable on private servers. I have played a few of those.

That's for PC, not sure about mobile games.


Private servers does alot of jobs.

Only problem is tied online games. Those games are tied to developers
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