Where is this music from? (GameTrailers: Black)

Jun 13, 2004

Really really nice video ...definately shows they should've reconsidered asking Michael Giacchino (and Chris Tilston) to score this given it makes the game sound more MOH than 'action movie'.

Incidentally though, WHERE IS THIS MUSIC FROM?! :s It's been bugging me all week now...

After little help from the GT forums themselves ("it's Red Faction?") I was hoping all you guys are movie and game savvy enough to have at least a good guess. :)

It's not from the Black OST, as I have that through iTunes. I went through both my Pirates of Caribbean OSTs, Batman Begins... even back to Peacemaker and DropZone, but I can't pinpoint it. Sounds very House of Zimmmerish.

Anyone know?