Which color was the most iconic for the Game Boy Color?

I thought of a red one when I read the question but maybe it is because I think we had a red one.
No idea what was actually the most iconic.
Totally. I don't feel like voiding my warranty for kits you can buy online just yet, IGN just posted a video of how invasive the procedure is.
It's a bit time consuming, but it felt pretty low-risk. I did it a few weeks ago and didn't have any troubles with it, but admittedly I've got plenty of experience with similar teardowns.

I got the transparent kit and it's pretty nice looking, but admittedly, I wish that I applied a matte finish to it. The glossy plastic feels a bit odd to me - not as nice as the finish on the normal casing. QC seems a bit dodgy going off of reviews, but my kit was fine.

e: also, atomic purple forever.
People will say Atomic Purple, but I'm genuinely curious which color sold the best.

From my youth, the most popular color was Indigo. I don't know if it was called Indigo though - we just called it purple. That is the color I always associate with the system.
The solid purple GBC, I believe, was Grape. Indigo was the name of the GCN and GBA color.

Grape and Atomic Purple were probably most popular.
I always thought the yellow one was awesome because the dude repping it in this ad looked cool as hell. I still want his glasses.

Yellow's the one I saw most often as a kid. That said, given the Gameboy carry case I found in my later years was purple, I have a suspicion that was the actual popular one.
I'm surprised to see so many atomic purple answers. I always thought grape purple was THE color for GBC.

like the GC, the main color was purple but everyone went for the second color available (atomic purple for GBC and black for GC)

i still got my Atomic Purple GBC somewhere. it still works.
To me, definitely. The battery compartment cover snapped at the little hook thing so mine was never whole :( I bought a replacement cover once but it's clear it's not OG.

Still, the translucent purple or opaque purple is probably the most iconic.


What the heck, how do you do that!?
This one is to me.

I'm surprised to see so many atomic purple answers. I always thought grape purple was THE color for GBC.

These guys know what's up.

I actually thought this was the atomic purple one, so I was all happy to see everybody posting that one. Turns out it's the subpar transparent one.

Nah, I agree. Solid purple is better of course, but I feel the transparent one was used as the standard GBC for commercials and magazine ads.