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Which games have stories written by toddlers?

Prison Mike

Not sure about gaming but i'd say your "efforts" of creating threads come pretty close.

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Yep - all JRPGs have completely garbage writing.

In fact, it’s an insult to toddlers to compare them.
Depends, hard to say that about any game in the SMT franchise. and in some other games campy elements are deliberate like in the Yakuza series.


Only mainstream ‘omg dis story is so good’ game that I agree is actually class is the original TLOU. Probably the best serious narrative in gaming. Knew when to use the unspoken word.
Eh, it had good acting but the story is as cookie cutter as it gets.
Many saying all of them... Let me present you guys some shit that makes the Mass Effect 3 ending a piece of art:

Not gonna lie, I want to play these games now. I love this type of bizarre shit. But unfortunately I know even that aspect will long outstay its welcome and will be mixed up with endless braindead trash mobs.
Dodgeball Academia, but that was fucking awesome fun and the childish writing brought back memories of Saturday morning cartoons I grew up with. That's a positive.

The Weapon in Halo Infinite was straight up written for children though. I totally understand what they were going for: A young Cortana with amnesia but she comes off as a Life is Strange + Borderlands character that's QUIRKY AND FUNNY (but not funny lol). Place her against Lady from DMC3 or Heather from Silent Hill 3 and it's like fuck offfffff.


Metroid: Other M

Double-down with irony being that the major theme was maternal instincts.
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Have you ever played some game, with story so dumb, and insulting to your IQ, that it seemed like company went to kindergarten, or wherever little kids gather, and told those children to write the plot for the game?

Which game was that?
Majority of jRPGs.

Naked Lunch

Almost all games fall into this category.
I always laugh when people say they play games for story.
You're in the wrong medium. Read a book.

Off the top, the only game stories I liked are Silent Hill 2, Vagrant Story, Ace Combat 4, and Killer 7.
+1 to most of them

I skip story cutscenes and dialogue in every game I can. I just not why I play games personally.
Thank you! I thought i'm the only one who mostly does it. I play games, because i want to use my controller and not to watch tv. Sometimes i watch a non bloated summary on Youtube or just read it on Wikipedia.
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Last month I decided to try "Grow: Song of the Evertree", as it is a third person open world game in which you can build a town with specific businesses (restaurant, bakery, etc.) and customize/upgrade them. While the town building part of the game is interesting and pretty well done, the story, characters and art style remind me of the Barney show that my nieces used to watch as toddlers. Everything is so overly emotional and positive, which is odd given the fact that the evertree part of the game is supposed to be a metaphor for sustainability. The simplistic and childlike part of the story and characters just ruin the game for me.
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