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Which of the Three Big Shooters Will You Get This Year?

Which FPS are you looking forward to the most?

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Fare thee well

Sorry, just tired of these longgg franchises. I'm waiting for something new, even if that means waiting forever.

Love me or hate me, but for my spree, Halo closed with 3, Modern warfare closed with 4, and Battlefield ended all the way back with Bad Company 2 (though I can see why people like BF3).

But I'm an older dude so I've played since the very first games (yep, even BF 1942). I guess I can understand your need for sequels, say, if BF3 was your first game. It's just been too long for me.
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"Dejavu, I've seeing this thread before", but:

CoD = WW2 so meh.
Halo = aim assisted shit so NOPE
BF = modern+ combat so yeah.
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After playing all 3 betas I'm leaning towards none but need a shooter to play.

This is so sad.


Battlefield 2042 and i'm definitely gonna give Halo a shot on gamepass. Haven't played a Halo game since combat evolved way back in the day.


I have GamePass so I'll give Halo a shot, probably won't play any of those games much though.

Weird how first person shooters went from my absolute favorite genre to something I hardly care about.


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Halo. I already pre-ordered and managed to snag the steelbook edition which is the same price as the standard edition. I have no interest in the other 2. I don't do MP and I'm only interested in story and campaign. I'm not into regular warfare shooters. It's SciFi only for me.
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I'll give Halo multiplayer a chance since it will be free. Have zero hype or expectations for the single player though.
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The only thing keeping me from Halo is finding an Xbox Series X.

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Reizo Ryuu

I want to continue the treyarch zombies story, but I don't care much for WW2, so I'm just gonna wait till vanguard is cheap.
Never cared for battlefield
Got my halo infinite xsx pre-ordered, so that's the one.


The only thing I like about vangard is the blitz mode.
I wish they would retrofit it to previous games.
The hectic fast paced matches are enjoyable.


BF 2042 by a mile.

Infinite is free and Halo campaigns have never been worth $60 especially without coop.

COD is a joke and it gets worse when we add the fact that it's WW2.


None for now. I just picked up Far Cry 6 and Astria Ascending this week. Maybe I will pick up those other ones some day, assuming they have single player modes and reach the right price for a game I only have mild curiosity for.

Kev Kev

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thank you for not saying "THE BIG THREE"

i always hate when people get all melodramatic like that


The only one I am interested in is Halo. I may get COD if there is a deal. But I can play war zone with friends if I want.


Played the Betas for all 3, preferred Cold War to Vanguard so I'll stick with that, didn't care for BF and thought Halo was superb.

Halo is all I need.
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