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Which PC game digital distribution services have you used in the last 12 months?

Which PC game digital distribution services have you used in the last 12 months?

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It's all about where the sales are for me. A couple of D2D, or Impulse purchases here and there, but otherwise it's usually Steam for me.


Steam exclusively. I did purchase some digital games during the Ubisoft store blunder too, but that doesn't count too much.
I buy from Steam and only from Steam even though I KNOW that isn't a good idea long term.

I still buy retail occasionally if the deal is good, such as Target's frequent PC game clearances.


In the last couple of months I've done a few:
Steam I have bought 13 games for myself + one for someone else, Direct2Drive I bought one game (DiRT2), and GFWL I bought one game (Dark Void). Only one retail game! Gotta love the support Valve gives Steam.


Steam, gamersgate, and D2D. Haven't ever even heard of gamesplanet or gametap.

Steam gets way more use than anything else though. I don't use it like once or twice a year, which is how I use D2D and GG. Steam is usually a daily thing. At the very least, weekly.

Why isn't GFWL listed? I haven't purchased anything from there, but Tinker is an okay freebie I partook of.


Just Steam in the last 12 months, I did purchase a game from Greenhouse or whatever it's called but that was a few years ago, ended up buying the same game on steam later on during a sale anyway lol
Here they are

Steam (steampowered.com)
Good Old Games (gog.com)
Impulse (impulsedriven.com)
GamersGate (gamersgate.com)
EA Download Manager

And to buy Severance: Blade of Darkness i used one that doesnot egsist any more it seems, their support is http://csc.trymedia.com/ and i can still doenload the game.


I almost exclusively use Steam.

However, I have used Direct2Drive once as they had a really cheap sale for Tropico 3 when Steam did not.

Dead Man

Steam when stuff is on sale so my bank account doesn't get raped, and way too much stuff on GOG. My backlog is thiiiiiiiiiiis big.


Ὁ μεμβερος -ου
Only bought stuff from the Telltale store. Then again, I'm not much of a PC gamer myself.


Steam, GOG, and D2D for me.

Although I only used D2D to get a $15 code for Dawn of War II in April that let me download it thru Steam.


Just Steam here. Mostly though because I just like to have my collection in a single place/list rather than spread around over several websites. If the other websites allowed me to activate a game I bought from them through Steam I would be using those too.
Own a lot of games through steam, a few through D2D and GoG. I forgot to vote for "other", as I've also bought things through blizzard, EA store and GFWL marketplace.

also ended up getting Splinter Cell: Conviction for $1 through UbiStore, Bejewled 2 Free from popcap and signed up for free Back to the Future from Telltale.


Steam for the vast majority.

Impulse for beautiful Stardock stuff

I think I used D2D a couple times when they were having those big deals
I've used Steam. Well, I guess I've used Notch, too, to buy Minecraft, but that hardly counts as a DD service since it's really only one guy selling one game.
None. Turns out most DD services won't work if your disc drive craps out.
Plan to get some stuff soon when my new PC comes Monday.


I'm locked in with Steam. I've seen great deals on the other services, but have passed because the days of buying non-steam PC games are far behind me. Although I'm severely bummed that Blizzard has their own service.

I made an exception for Blood through GOG, because, well, it's the best FPS ever made.
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