Which Theme are you using on GAF?

I use Dark. Like @Kadayi said I switch to light for longer posts. I kinda dislike the font used here for longer posts, short posts it really doesn't bug me as much.
Original gaming-age forum was light (IIRC) so I always stuck with light for nearly 20 years. (Actually, I only found out that you can change themes on message boards.. lol)

Mr. Grumpy

Grumpy see, Grumpy do.
There are two at the moment, you can switch them either in your profile or at the bottom of the page if you follow the Change Theme: NeoGAF 2018 - Dark link. There are plans to have more moving forwards but they just haven't been the priority in terms of where work has to be done yet.

I use the dark theme for this account and the light theme for my standard account, it makes it easier to remember who I am when doing that.
Used to use the light theme but I use dark theme now. Its way easier on the eyes when I wake up at random times at night and just look at Gaf on me phone. One night around 3am I had it on light theme before with my phone on the brightest settings once, and I swear I was blinded for a minute. Felt like a vampire walking into sunlight.
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