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Social Which were your favorite Happy Meal toys?


Jul 18, 2013
It's probably not such a common feature of childhood for today's generation, what with veganism and "health foods" and "balanced nutrition"; but back in my day parents took their kids to McDonald's and those kids got Happy Meals. I don't know what's in a Happy Meal these days...I think they make you eat apple slices? Anyway, Happy Meals were fun from the outside in: fun box, fun food, and a fun toy.

If you were fortunate to be of that McGeneration, which Happy Meal toys left you with the best memories?

I can recall a couple especially neat items.

First, McDonald's Astroniks. Astroniks were a toy invented by a German company but I think the Happy Meal promotion took over the line somewhat.

Look at these top-notch character designs. You can see how they'd get a kid's imagination going.

But naturally we have to talk about the McDonald's Changeables. Someone at McDonald's decided to cash in on the 80s popularity of the Transformers; and what a smart move that was. These were super-sturdy, colorful toys that were fun in either form. Who doesn't love play food, and who doesn't love toy robots?

Hopefully I didn't just steal the best ideas from everyone else. What do you remember digging out of your Happy Meal box?

The Hate

leads to fear. Fear leads to xbox.
Aug 13, 2020
Not happy meal but when burger king had those gold pokemon plaques, shit was cool. Tossed the burger kept the plaque, fuck fast food
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Alex Anderson

Jun 6, 2004
Cloud Luigi was a thorn in my side for a couple years. Well after the promotion was over I'd get a Cloud Luigi once in a while. Had to have had 15 or so. Only ever had one of the Springy Mario's.

I liked the really cheapo plastic Hot Wheels cars the most. They were slow but I had to have some jobber cars to fill out tournament brackets on my 2 lane raceway set.
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Sep 4, 2018
woah the burger transformers i totally forgot about those! so cool.

i got the Super Mario 3 happy meal set and that was pretty awesome. i didn't have an NES but i played the game with my friends. the box was really cool. they had a series of different worlds.

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Sep 26, 2020
I really liked the Sonic toys from back when Sonic 3 came out. I had a lot of fun with those. I also really liked the Fraggle Rock toys. I really remember liking McBuddies, too, but I don't recall exactly why.