White Supremacists Beat Black Man in Charlottesville.

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What happened today is terrifying. This kinda floated under the radar, but this story and all others like it need to be on front pages everywhere. People need to open their eyes. Racism is alive and well in the US. No one is allowed to deny it any longer.
2017. Let that image spread.
26 years ago white police officers stood over Rodney King and beat him with impunity. All of America saw it on video. It was sickening to watch and a perfect illustration of the racism that suffuses American state power.

Today we see the same tableau but it's regular citizens doing the beating instead of police. People who don't even have the usual veneer of authority standing around a prone black man and beating him with sticks. You don't even need a badge anymore to do this, in broad daylight, with cameras pointed at you.
A forest needs an occasional fire to clear out scrub brush and keep the overall forest healthy.

This nation is seeing this scrub brush grow out of control again. We keep heading for a flashpoint, and if we don't start clearing brush the inevitable fire will burn out of control.
26 years ago white police officers stood over Rodney King and beat him with impunity.
This pot has been brewing for a long while now. And it seems to be boiling over now. Never before have I felt so uncertain about our future. Its like this looming black cloud. When is this all going to break?


No bald cap? Lies!
Seeing as this was at the entrance to a parking garage there should hopefully be a good amount of surveillance video along with the various other recordings from pedestrians so they can identify these pieces of shit.

What kind of helmet is that guy on the right wearing?
Looks like a ballistic helmet.
Why can't it be like "I see you're carrying a pole/spear/shield," so you are under arrest? Why do police allow people to bring weapons? If you're armed to rumble, you're gonna rumble.
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