White Wolf/Paradox have Trademarked "Vampire Bloodlines"


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Found by a user on the RPG Codex.

Combine this with the previous news of Leonard Boyarsky (lead designer of VTMB) joining Obsidian... well... It might be happening!



To get this thing started this will be a Remake of Bloodlines in Unreal Engine 4. And after that they start with the development of a new one. Please.

Oh and don't hit me, but i would like it to be 3rd Person only. Better to concentrate on one.


Nice and fully expected.

This will likely be part of Paradox going public, and expanding into the console space too, which may mean a more "AAA" kind of thing in terms of budget.

Likely Paradox and Obsidian teaming up (I hope), with the larger part of the team that are working on an unannounced project. Man, this and Tyranny... I'm in naturally!
Jesus Christ I am intensifying.

Amazing news, are we talking about a port, remake or new game? Oh the possibilities, Bloodlines was awesome.


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We getting a remake? A sequel? A reboot? Whatever it is I want it. Hope there are *some* Troika peeps getting in on the action too.


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Seems like a good candidate for the PC Gaming e3 show, IIRC Obsidian and Paradox were both there last year.

Sawyer recently revealed that most of Obsidian's ~200 people are working on Armored Warfare, with all of the other teams being rather small, and considering that the White Wolf acquisition was only a little more than half a year ago, I doubt there'd be much to show even assuming Paradox approached Obsidian on the very day of said acquisition. I mean, that doesn't preclude an announcement, but, these days especially, announcing a game that's still very early into development and at least 18 or so months away at the absolute best strikes me as effectively pointless... unless, I suppose, the intention is more to entice job applications a la CDPR and Cyberpunk. Masquerade is more than a decade old and has achieved cult status, so I'm sure there are more than a few people out there who'd love the opportunity to work on a follow-up, to say nothing of former Troika folks.


Wow, that would be nice. As a quick release it would be very cool to have a re-release with official, integrated patches from all the community releases.


We getting a remake? A sequel? A reboot? Whatever it is I want it. Hope there are *some* Troika peeps getting in on the action too.

If not, my hype for this would lessen considerably. I don't want someone else's game looking to cash in on Bloodlines' cult status.


If it happens, I expect it to be from the Pillars perspective.

Which is fine, I'll take what I can get.


Please let this be the doorway to a whole series of WoD games.


I did a Werewolf RPG in Game Dev Tycoon and it sold really well! I can only assume this will translate in real life.
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