White Xbox One pack spotted on a french retailer website


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Oh man, if it has a 1TB drive plus a few months of Gold for free.. would be very hard to pass up for those still waiting.
Micromania is owned by Gamestop so I wouldn't be surprised if the console was a Gamestop/EB Games exclusive in the rest of the world.
I am seriously considering selling my ps4 at a loss to get my hands on the white one. The Xbox in white looks pretty good too, but the price has to be right.
I'd need a new Xbox One pad, cause my day one edition controller started having problem with the left analog stick, it drifts up , i think i should wait for the white version


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The controller looks amazing.
For someone who has actually seen this thing in person.
The Xbox light on the console black on the background, or does it meld with the white console.
Cuz one of my favorite things about the Xbox one, is that the Xbox button doesnt stand out witht he console(simple things make me happy)

Ive seem a repainted Xbox One and the Xbox Button kinda stood out or rather was sunken in by like millimetre.
It's going to be an interesting holiday for sure regarding SKU's for the XBO. Microsoft desperately needs something that jumps out at people and provides pretty solid value. A pack in game at $399 is a start in the right direction but they need to do more.


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omg, this is gonna make me more tempted to buy a second one. But I want to wait till next year for redesigned model. Please dont make buy this MS.
He also said Sunset Overdrive is getting it's own special edition controller. Not sure if that is going to be a pack in for the white console though.

edit: I don't think we have to wait long for a confirmation because I think they will announce this at Gamescom.
That would be awesome.

Unfortunately I just bought my Xbone a few weeks ago so whatever the case it's off the table for me. :3
I've never played a Halo campaign and the Destiny beta is making me itch for more Bungie action. I might pick this up for the MCC. SO doesn't look half bad either!
Damn, $399 with Sunset Overdrive is a crazy good deal. I took advantage of the Target deal and walked away with a black XBO for $300 with tax. Still, I would have liked a white XBO and PS4...