Why did you buy an Xbox this gen?

Ironically, I bought it for Scalebound. :(
Anyway, I don't have many games for it, but I really wan't to get rid of my 360, so I hope they would add more games to backwards compatibility that I own. Though I think many of them will never be added, simply because I have games from Konami and Sega.
It had the best game controller imo.
It had Kinect 2 (I had hope in it, when it came out...)
I liked more the user interface
I don't like Playstation's pedantry (although it has great IPs)

Those are the reasosn I got one in the beginning, eitherway I'm not a specific brand/console supporter, I support great games wherever the console they are in.
Non-exhaustive reasons:

-The immense majority of my close gaming friends are from the 360 era, and most of them stayed with Microsoft even after the One launch turbulences. During the Mattrick saga we lost a bunch of colleagues, but among those who jumped ship a significant proportion has returned, not having found the same satisfaction in other platforms.

-I am most confortable in the Xbox ecosystem. I love achievements, I like how the UI has evolved. Xbox Live is, IMHO, a superior service than its competition.

-I prefer the Xbox controllers.

-I care more for Forza and Halo than for what PlayStation has done in all of its history. I have had bad experiences with Sony in the past, and its exclusives are mostly unappealing to me (with the partial exception of Gran Turismo and relatively obscure Saint Seiya fighting games). The potential of Microsoft´s portfolio is very interesting to me.

-No desire to return to PC gaming
. I played on PC for a decade and a half, but it was enough. I currently only play emulators and vintage games on my notebook.
Well, I bought an Xbox One in December 2014 with the heavy discounting and bundling Amazon did. I got it for exclusives which, prior to Gears 4, weren't on PC at all. Going forward, I don't see myself investing in Xbox hardware because I am back to keeping up with things on the PC side. Can't say I'll actually be buying a ton of their games on PC though. They seemed to have settled into a rhythm with games like Halo 5 and Gears 4 where you can play the campaign in a weekend, and if you're already playing better MP games, there is no value or longevity to the product. I'm fine with it for what I paid for those games on console (I am routinely behind schedule, go both for $15 each), but MS store never has discounting on par with Amazon or Best Buy, so all of that combined with how little they publish these days leaves me not really caring. Quite a tumble from how good of a publisher they were back in 2007/2008.
Already had a ps4 and got a decent amount of credit toward it when trading in my 360. Left it unopened for 6+ months, but now I have as many maybe one or 2 more Xbone games than PS4. I like Gears and prefer xbox's controller for shooters, but ps4 obviously has a superior exclusive line-up in my opinion....
I love my Xbox it started slow but it has been great the best system for racing the PS4 only had Drive Club and that game was horrible compared to the Forza Horizon Series. I also adore the the xbox controller the PS4 controller gives my hands cramps. The 360 got me hooked on gamer score and I saw no compelling reason to not continue with that for this generation of games. I own a Switch and PS4 4 pro for their exclusives but he Xbox is my main console.