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Why does your recorded voice not sound like your "real" voice?

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Because you hear your own voice through your head from your vocals chords through your neck and head to your ears, others hear it through from your mouth directly to their ears
It's why it sounds lighter on recordings


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Because the voice you hear is affected by the vibrations of your skull when you talk. Obviously that doesn't happen with a recording.


Don't worry, I'll vouch for them.

It sounds different because it is different. "When you speak, the vocal folds in your throat vibrate, which causes your skin, skull and oral cavities to also vibrate, and we perceive this as sound," explains Ben Hornsby, a professor of audiology at Vanderbilt University. The vibrations mix with the sound waves traveling from your mouth to your eardrum, giving your voice a quality — generally a deeper, more dignified sound — that no one else hears.

Through a loudspeaker or recording device, you pick up sound only through air conduction. "The sound we're used to hearing has a lower frequency from the bone vibrations," Hornsby says. "We like that because it sounds rich and full." Many people cringe at the playback sound because our brain struggles to accept that this foreign voice is our own.
By "real voice" do you mean the one you hear? Because that resonates through your entire body and head so it'll sound different. I think I sound pretty good, but when I hear myself I come across as boring and monotone.
Ah, sympathetic vibration then. So the "real voice" ie. the one we hear in our heads is double tracked to make it sound sexier than the whiny one that everyone else hears.

Nice one, problem solved GAF - Cheers
I spent a lot of time recording and listening to my voice as a teenager.

Wanted to prepare myself for inevitable fame, and having to see myself on TV all the time.

I now program computers in a cubicle.


Okay I was just doing this the other day, but it was looking down at it versus looking at it in a mirror. What is this witchcraft?!

My penis looks bigger in the mirror.

Please tell me that is how women see it.



I sound like an 80's white guy. I'm surprised that most people don't find it super strange considering how I look.
Ever had that feeling when you hear your own voice played back on a recording? Why is that?

The recorded voice is how you sound to others. How you sound to yourself is being distorted because of you hear your voice being echoed and absolved and reflected in your big noggin.

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Because people tend to hear their ideal selves when they talk.
Mm, no its not that, when I'm recording with other people I notice the distortions in their voice as well...it actually helps me feel less self conscious about how stupid my voice is recorded.

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It's because you hear your own voice partially through your skull.
Because you're used to it.

Just like photos of you don't look like anything when you look in the mirror, you're more used to seeing the mirror then photos.


I hate it when I answer the phone and my boss's wife and children mistake me for my boss, it's so weird because we sound nothing alike but it happens every single time.


My voice sounds higher to me actually. In reality it's kinda too low; people think I'm mumbling so I have to talk higher on purpose unless I'm talking to people that know me pretty well. Drives me crazy.


i have a really high nasally voice in even to myself, so i imagine i sound like some sort of raped parrot to others
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