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Why doesn't gaming press ask about what happened to snake in Smash? I need closure.


Jul 5, 2015
Forget Snake. The press needs to ask why Sakurai cut Offline Tournaments from Wii U.

Unless he's saving it for the NX port maybe?

YES. This is a way bigger issue for me. That and the lack of a single player story mode like SSE from Brawl, or even Adventure mode from Melee would've been fine. The replacements (Smash Tour and Smash Run, though I liked the latter for a quick play here and there) just didn't hold up for me at all, and I don't think this is an unpopular opinion.


Junior Member
Jul 10, 2016
Fucking put raiden in Smash instead of Snake. Literally that was the only good thing about All-stars was the inclusion of raiden. Snake wasn't even a good character in smash as well, and no! I'm not filling bad for a shit character.


Jun 6, 2014
You may never get the closure you want because what happened to the character is a confidential issue between Nintendo and Konami. It's not like the other first party characters that were cut. All this stuff is NDA'd forever.

There could have been many reasons for that, such us...

- Konami not knowing what to do with the Metal Gear franchise at the time and thinking about not using the series anymore. The situation is now different, as they still make games and products off of it.

- Konami imposing conditions on Snake's usage, like using Venom instead of classic or MGS2's Snake, etc. Sakurai have comented before that he can reject characters if they don't let use them the version he wants to (eg Pacman's case).

- Problems with the voice acting rights and conflicted depiction of the character. At that point the western version of the character of Snake was in a awkward situation, because 1. Hayter was unionized and severed ties with Konami and 2. you simply can't stick Kiefer Sutherland voice to classic Snake.

- Sakurai simply refusing to use the character as a protest for Kojima's situation?

I mean, fucking Cloud is in the game. There is no good reason for Snake not to be in.


Junior Member
Jan 11, 2016
Street Fighter V is a PS4 console exclusive. Didn't stop Ryu. FFVII being a PS1 exclusive way back when, ending the series's traditional ties to Nintendo, and even now only having the remake confirmed for PS4 didn't stop Cloud.

This line of thinking isn't what gets characters added or removed. The idea that characters are chosen to be in Smash solely to plug new games is basically just fans trying to rationalize patterns that aren't there.

There are lots of Street fighter games on Nintendo systems, they may be virtual console games, but they still have a history with Nintendo.
Mar 10, 2005
I feel like this is a good lesson for people in how you have to draw your own conclusions because the game industry isn't a high school where everyone is obligated to spill every bit of gossip someone solicits.


Jun 6, 2009
Has Konami not been a dick to anyone? They basically just do things to piss people off and it's working for them.


Aug 8, 2010
Let it go, and move on.

Though more seriously it seems all answers were provided.
Apr 5, 2012
There are lots of Street fighter games on Nintendo systems, they may be virtual console games, but they still have a history with Nintendo.
Also Super SFIV got a (damn good) 3DS port as a launch title. Square probably jumped at the chance to have Cloud in and he's in stuff like Theatrhythm and FF Explorers too I guess.


Nov 11, 2007
I can see why this is the most popular theory. The stuff that went on there was particularly odd and not very nice. But game development on smash might have preceded that. There's usually talk that the roster is decided well in advance, though some changes are made. But while the most popular theory, it's lacking any hard evidence to really support it.

This seems less like an actual refutation, and more like a "BUT THERE'S A CHANCE HE COULD'VE BEEN IN THERE ANYWAY?" type of reaction.

There are certain vagueries in life you need to accept. There's no way to know if there's a god, there's no way to know what happens when you die, and unless Konami gets 100% out of video games during Sakurai's lifetime (as opposed to the 50% they're currently engaged in) he will probably not ever comment on Snake's exclusion.


Nov 26, 2009
we HAVE the answer ! KOJIMA HIMSELF said he didn't asked on a livestream.

Snake was only in because he asked. He didn't asked anymore no more snake

simple as that


May 9, 2013
Simon Belmont?

Hell yes!

That said, I agree with Jawmuncher that too few questions have been asked and answered, about Snake and Simon or any other Konami rep for that matter. I don't care if there are plausible reasons we can come up with ourselves, like Kojima's departure, Konami's IP lockdown or their too high of an asking price, as long as we don't get any answers backed by facts, we have nothing more than (imo often overly confident) speculation.


Feb 4, 2015
There are lots of Street fighter games on Nintendo systems, they may be virtual console games, but they still have a history with Nintendo.

Once again that is not the point of my post. Ryu was added to the game because Sakurai thought he would be a unique character that pleases the fans, and noted the appropriateness due to Ryu's other appearances in crossovers.

Show me here where Sakurai said he addd Ryu because of Virtual Console games or SSFIV 3D.

Also Super SFIV got a (damn good) 3DS port as a launch title. Square probably jumped at the chance to have Cloud in and he's in stuff like Theatrhythm and FF Explorers too I guess.

While Sakurai acknowledged those appearances and that he would have thought twice about including Cloud if it weren't for them, they were not the sole reason why Sakurai was keen to add him.

—Final Fantasy VII (FFVII below) has never been released on a Nintendo console, so how did Cloud end up appearing in Smash?

Sakurai: Final Fantasy (FF below) is one of the few uniquely Japanese game series revered by players around the world. I think fans across the globe have hoped a character from one of those series would appear in Smash, so it was only a matter of time. At the same time, there are only so many big-name titles we can work with at this point—mainly because we’ve covered most of those bases. Aside from the major globally-recognized franchises already featured in Smash, there really aren’t that many left.

—That’s true. No other franchises come to mind.

Sakurai: Exactly. And within the FF franchise, Cloud is without question the most popular choice. A number of people fixate on the fact his original game was never released on a Nintendo console, but if we were to limit our choices to characters who appeared on a Nintendo console, we’d end up with Bartz from FFV or the Onion Knight from FFIII—how would that work? Maybe they could change jobs or something… Actually, that would be kind of interesting (laughs).

(Everyone laughs)

Sakurai: At the same time, I think it’s only natural to prioritize the character who enjoys worldwide popularity. I might have had misgivings if Cloud had never appeared on a Nintendo console in any form, though.

—Recently, he’s shown up in the Theatrhythm and Kingdom Hearts series. He’s even branching out to the PS4 now with the FFVII remake.

Sakurai: Which is why I think we should forget about console wars and focus on what’s really important: enjoying the games themselves.

Snake was added to the game because Kojima asked him too. And again, Kojima originally asked during the time of Melee. Twin Snakes was a non-factor at the time, and Sakurai's only reason for turning it down was that the game was too close to completion. For Brawl, Sakurai remembered this request and was finally able to oblige it.

People really need to stop this mentality that characters are solely added and/or removed for the sake of promoting new games.


Jan 11, 2016
This is a serious question. I know a lot of people are going to come in here and tell me to let it go, or give me their theories with no actual facts as to why he was cut. But the biggest part that has bothered me is that no one ever asks Konami or Nintendo about this on the gaming press side. Is it that hard to throw in the question once in awhile with the higher brass? Having no clear cut answer on this is just the absolute worst.
The only time we even got a response about it was because Zalman's question was asked to Kojima during a interview with Geoff Keighley. I wouldn't have to be here repeating the question if someone higher up would just give me the actual answer as to why. I just want some closure on this topic. Even i've becoming tired of thinking and asking about it.
For those wondering why I make such a big deal about this all the time, the answer is simple. Snake being added to smash to this day, has still been the single greatest moment in gaming for me. To the point that i'm not even sure a new Dino Crisis game would top it (though it would definitely be up there). It was the sort of addition that felt like they read my mind and decided to go with it.
I know character's get cut all the time from fighting games, but I think a lot of people here can agree smash has always been a special case with any of it's cuts. It seems like many people myself included get far more attached to their favorite character's in smash than they do other fighting games. I think a large part is due to the social aspect of it. A lot of time Smash is played with a group of friends of 4 or more. In that sort of set up, character's are naturally going to gravitate towards players and sort of represent them. I'm sure people here who even play the whole board at the end of the day still have a character they call their favorite, especially among friends.
I will never give up on his return to smash, but the uncertainty that surrounds him is a tough burden to deal with. Plus who doesn't want a Snake Amiibo?
I'm dead serious when i say i'll get a NX and Smash Day One just for Snake. If this thread wasn't enough of a indication of that.

"Building the future and keeping the past alive are one in the same thing." -Solid Snake

The Quote that you got was said by Big Boss not Solid Snake just an FYI.


Jul 4, 2013
Jawmuncher said:
How hard is it for sakurai to mention him, he said what happened to ice climbers.

That might be a clue for you. If this was a topic they wanted to be transparent about, then they would. It is either of no importance to discuss (seems most likely) or there is a reason they don't broach the subject (less likely). The simplest answer is probably the correct one and in this case they may not have been interested in doing another deal to have Snake in the game.


Jul 23, 2012
This isn't really a big mystery is it? It isn't a mainline character, it's a guest character. It's like wondering why Link/Spawn/Heihachi didn't comeback for soul caliber 3.

Just because they made a deal for him to be in Brawl doesn't mean the deal applies to all future smash titles.

I mean, Id bet money that neither Cloud or Bayo return in Smash 5.