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'Why I created a Twitter account mocking liberals'

Dec 15, 2011

Andrew Doyle is a comedian, satirist and author.
He is the co-creator of Jonathan Pie, a fictional news reporter.
He is the person behind the satirical '4th wave feminist' fictional character of Titania McGrath on Twitter.

This 15 minute video covers his motives and position on topics such as freedom of speech, wokeness and expectations of stand-up comedy today.
I think it's a very good, down-to-earth and easy to digest summary of things from someone who is successfully shining a spotlight on today's society in a critical and entertaining way.

If you're familiar with Jonathan Pie or Titania McGrath you might get some extra value from this.
Even if / especially if you find his creations to be disagreeable, this interview might offer some insight.

WARNING: The constant cuts, needlessly edgey camera angles and infrequent stamping of words on screen are dire and a good way of raising blood pressure.

If you like the cut of Andrew Doyle's gib then I recommend following these accounts on Twitter:


As for Jonathan Pie, his performance and material is great.

I heartily recommend Jonathan Pie: Back To The Studio, his recent one-man tour-de-force show. It's 80 mins well worth spending, assuming you have access to BBC iPlayer. Also recommended and with a US-centric focus is Jonathan Pie's American Pie.
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Wings 嫩翼翻せ

so it's not nice
Apr 2, 2013
Thanks for sharing this video. I really like the points he made, he really seems to care about people maintaining their ability to laugh at themselves and their situations through the crappy political climate.