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Clickbait Why I Truly Believe That Hidetaka Miyazaki HATES Hideo Kojima! (1st Year Anniversary of MHK)

May 7, 2019
Joking aside, both their games have been important to gaming as a whole. Kojima made many unique games on the ps2 era and two of them had a high impact while being in the same series. And Miyazaki created a sub genre that that almost died on its first try but still ending up succeeding. Even more so that subgenre kept evolving to the next level.

It's not Miyazaki and Kojima that hate each other, it's Kamiya and Platinum Games. That hate both kojima and Miyazaki :messenger_grinning_sweat:
May 7, 2019
Nah, Miyazaki is a one trick pony so far. He has only Darks Souls 1, which is a masterpiece mind you, and a bunch of inferior clones.

Kojima? He has mgs 1, 2, 3 at minimum.
Kojima's track record is admittedly more varied, he's made tons of different games since the 80s longer than Miyazaki has made games for, it's weird to think kojima made a penguin game, 2 blade runner type ones (maybe the other one isn't blade runner?). Involved in a evangelion influenced game. Tried to make a unique twist on a dormant franchise. A kids game about vampires. Crafted a Hollywood like sci-fi game with a bizarre premise. I be lying if I said he was overrated. Or wasn't a visionary.

Miyazaki does infact rely on the souls formula, but it's still an important subgenre in today's era of gaming. And it was altered many times to see a difference in those games. Sekiro is a complete EVOLUTION of the souls genre and a amazing action game that competes with dmc series/ninja gaiden/kingdom hearts 2/God of war. To a point that Kamiya is embarrassed that he can't create something on Sekiro's level and continues to make derivative combat games that copy dmc/Bayonetta's design philosophy of "le wacky combat game"
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Feb 2, 2018

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You don't want to fix yourself and want to wear megane for the rest of your life while your eyesight gets worse with age? Odd!


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Jan 11, 2019
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Behind The Scenes Look At How This Thread Was Envisioned

When I first decided to join NeoGAF back in 2019, I already knew that my username would be "MiyazakiHatesKojima" and had a feeling that some GAFfers would be wondering what this even meant. Was it just a random combination of names? Is it Hidetaka Miyazaki or Hayao Miyazaki? Why does Miyazaki even hate Kojima? etc.

I didn't cave into the temptation of spilling out the secrets behind my name just yet, even though i was asked many times over the past year. That's when I realized that on my 1st Year Anniversary, I should make a thread that explains the meaning behind my name, but how should I execute that kind of thread? Would it live up to GAF's expectations?

By June 2019, I started conceptualizing how to make such a thread by thinking about what sort of GIFs i would use to reveal the evidence that I found from Miyazaki's Twitter account (It's his real account!) and how much information would I choose to divulge to avoid the thread from being too self-indulgent (I know, I know, it's already self-indulgent :p). So this process of conceptualization lasted until my self-imposed ban back in November.

Luckily, in January of 2020, I achieved the GAF trophy of being 1 year in Service which instantly reminded me to write-up this thread just in time. I stayed up from 12 am all the way to 3 am trying to finish the thread up and post it in time for the 1st Year Anniversary. One of the first things I did that night was go on YouTube and search for a high-quality clip of the ending of the film The Usual Suspects. It was really interesting to revisit that ending again because I haven't seen the film since 2007!
For me to find the perfect reactions, I had to watch the entire 8 minute clip and figure out which reactions could I pull out and thankfully, I was able to get the best possible reaction GIFs i could have ever asked for. The fact that I already had 4 tweets that showed damning evidence for Miyazaki's despise towards the Kojima's of the world made it seem as if this thread was truly meant to be!

One of my favourite parts of making this thread was experimenting with the different GIFs and styles that GIPHY provided me. One of the most challenging things that I had to do was choosing the Final GIF and I had to choose between that one and this one (An exclusive look at a thread's outtakes):

I felt like this one didn't have the same punch as the one that I used in the final version of the thread. Also, I was thinking of adding a 5th Tweet:

However, I felt this would take away from the suspense that the four GIFs build towards the final tweet.

Either way, at the end of the day, I'm more than happy to have made this thread and explain the meaning behind my name once and for all! I'm also thankful, grateful, and humbled by all of the reactions and posts I received in this thread. I was a bit afraid of having this kind of thread backfire, but fortunately, NeoGAF proves itself to be a place where a sense of humor and respect truly exists :)

I hope you enjoyed this write-up and don't forget to click the like button at the lower-right bottom corner and subscribe to my profile!

Peace out, MHKBros :messenger_fistbump:
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