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why trolls run every PlayStation thread to the ground and i get banned for called them out!

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Seriously why every PlayStation thread turns to shit?
Is not even hard to find it and it is always the same people. And you might ask why you didn't contact the moderation team?
Because it doesn't really matter if you try to contact the mod team they will do fuck all.
And why my post isn't appropriated tagged why I got banned from the thread? It's like stealth ban and stealth deleting posts.

The reason I got banned for inappropriate behavior lol

I dint call anyone a cunt or something nasty.
What's inappropriate behavior? bombarding a troll with facts.

anyway we are here to debate these are the post in cause.

anyone who plays the last us 2 knows for a fact that's bullshit

anyway doesnt stop there

another lie

anyway then we went to argue whats QTE which is irrelevant
and after all that. he knew he didn't have place to run

finally, he shows hes true colors

''sony games are just interactive movies''

inappropriate behavior they said.

I think it's better to DM a mod about this is instead of creating a thread. Better yet you can just report any individuals that you believe are ruining the threads.
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Even if they are prejudice, why even respond? Just leave them on ignore and don't engage with bad actors. I've also been criticized for reporting people who were just slinging personal insults.
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I made an image macro that's well used just for one of these topics. Point #5 was "Why did this person not get banned, when I did!".


Two opinions and an argument about what a QTE is.

OP, What you like is the best and is above criticism......feel better now? Move on man, there is no right or wrong.


I do recall a time when typical ridiculous terms like "Sony games are just interactive movies" or "3rd person walkie talkie" were recognized as the obvious console warrior bullshit they are. 🤷‍♂️
If the discussion was made in good faith, why did anyone get banned?
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Mr Reasonable

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Pretty interesting to see this, I always thought Naughty Dog were Gaf's favourite developer* and that their games were considered the favourites around here. Now I see that their efforts are trolled relentlessly "sluggish"! "30fps"! And "it happens quite a lot and is part of the combat" - truly some of the worst and most unfair criticism seen. Glad this thread was made.

*less so recently, admittedly


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With no shock at all, this thread is being closed. There's appropriate avenues to discuss bans, warnings and so on. Starting a thread to complain isn't the best course if action.

OP, we can discuss things further if you like and I or another mod will explain things.

Happy New Years Eve-ish!
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