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Wii firmware 4.0: SD and SDHC Card menu confirmed! Already Installed HBC is safe!

Yes Boss! said:
I've a feeling 240 channels is just about perfect for the biggest collectors for a five-year anticipated lifespan. In 2 and 1/2 years I'm not even to half-full but I'm definitely anticipating a ramp-up on Wiiware purchases in the coming two to three years.
I anticipate a rampup, too, thanks to the new capabilities. If most games were only going to stick on the menu for a few weeks and then be inconvenient to access ever again, many fewer were worth purchasing.
That said, I'm only using about a 1 gig of my 2 gig card which makes me wonder why nintendo opened it up to 32.
That's the SDHC standard limit. So it was either go to that or leave Wii with the outdated 2 GB (or sometimes 4 apparently) cards supported previously.


May 13, 2007
perfectchaos007 said:
Now that we have a storage solution, maybe Nintendo will allow developers to increase the meg limit on games.

I agree with this. Boosting it to 150-200MB would be awesome. People would need to keep a lot of blocks available, but overall it would open up more possibilities.


Mar 7, 2006
United Kingdom
WiiWare Sales of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Double with New Wii Storage Solution

SAN RAFAEL, April 9, 2009 – Telltale has announced that WiiWare™ sales of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, the first monthly episodic series on a console, have more than doubled since Nintendo's new storage solution was unveiled at the Game Developer's Conference in March. The Strong Bad series began releasing episodically on WiiWare in August 2008.

"Nintendo's new solution really opens the door for players to add to their collection of downloadable games, which is critical for a series with multiple installments," says Telltale CEO Dan Connors. "This is a major step forward for episodic gaming. We're looking forward to even greater success on WiiWare with Strong Bad, as well as other projects."

Like a TV series, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People is best enjoyed when the full five episode "season" is played in its entirety. Nintendo's new option to play WiiWare games directly from high-density SD cards gives customers a convenient way to enjoy this full-season experience.

Starring Strong Bad, the self-proclaimed "coolest person ever," and the rest of the characters from the popular Homestarrunner.com website, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People is a series of comedy games that play like interactive cartoons. Each episode features a unique storyline penned by series creators Mike and Matt Chapman and the writers of Telltale's award-winning Sam & Max series. Arcade-style mini games, achievements, and the ability to email Wii™ friends from Strong Bad's laptop complete the experience.

The Strong Bad games can be downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel for 1,000 points each. For more information on Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People on WiiWare, visit http://www.telltalegames.com/strongbad/wiiware. The series is also available for PC from Telltale's website.

Telltale's episodic offerings are expanding to Xbox LIVE® Arcade this spring with Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures.

Good news for Telltale.