Wii Fit Plus Details + Wii Pedal Controller

Anyone come across these marketing slides yet? First one is Wii Fit Plus, the second game didn't have a title that I could find. Feel free to lock if old.

Wii Fit Plus:

Wii Cycling game + pedal controller:


Slides originated from a marketing survey. Besides those two games there was another title that sort of looked like that EA active fit game (with the red ribbon).

Not sure which company the pedals come from but the survey did include a video showing off the game and pedals in use. Game looked pretty far along, so I would be surprised if it isn't announced/released by the end of the year. I don't have the vid, and I didn't actually do the survey so I don't have many more details. Sorry. Just thought the images would be interesting.
Is the pedal controller being used for a... barbecuing minigame? o_O

I'm happy for the designer though. Miyamoto originally called his cycling game for Wii Sports Resort incredibly dull and now it's its own game with a custom peripheral. :lol
DMPrince said:
I wonder how many peripherals nintendo can crank out before the next system they put out. :lol.
I don't think that the pedal controller is an official accessory, that game looks like a 3rd party game so don't count on it being used by anyone else.
The Wii is such a deceptively expensive console, not only is the hardware pricey considering the technology but there are all these additions and extras. Source looks fake though, the presentation is horrific.
Come on guys, there's no way this is real. Look closely at the screens. They look terrible! Also, compare the models in the second to the first. The models in the second screen look like average joes.
I'm surprised no-one's churned out a plastic pedal attachment to plug the Wiimote w/M+ and Nunchuk into, for use with Cycling in WSR. Unless the controls make it impractical?


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Tranced Shadow said:
I'm surprised no-one's churned out a plastic pedal attachment to plug the Wiimote w/M+ and Nunchuk into, for use with Cycling in WSR. Unless the controls make it impractical?
The wire would get in the way.

For the smallest of my consoles, it takes us so much damn room because of the endless accessories
You know, as someone who is kind of getting worried about the amount of peripherals Nintendo releases...

...assuming the pedal controller is real, I'd totally get it. If a great game came along with the pedal controller, which it likely would, then I'd be pedaling every day almost, and as someone who is often too lazy to work out on my own, it'd be great.

...but still. While I don't have a problem with switching to WM+ for one game, sideways Wii remothe for another, the classic controller for a third, and the Nunchuck for a different game, I'd imagine that some would just get confused or annoyed by it all. Plus, I don't even have the balance board or upcoming vitality sensor.
Looks fake and doesn't look like something Ninty would be building. For now I'll call this fake.

It seems too shoddy of a build quality-wise for something that we've come to accept from Nintendo.


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I don't even care if it's real or fake, the fact that I wouldn't hesitate to believe it says all you need to know about the company these days.


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TheKingsCrown said:
Why would someone go through the trouble to create fake Miis? I think its real.
See the girl on the bike with a dog. Look at the squashed head bloke behind her. Dodgy third party graphics that.