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Wii production to end soon


The Wii remote unveiling still seems like yesterday.

What a dramatic history for a gaming machine, home to some truly special games.


If all DLC came tied to $13 figurines, I'd consider all DLC to be free
Good night sweet little prince !!


Ein Bear

Seems a bit early to stop making them, to be honest. Didn't they make NES consoles up through to the early 2000s? And PS2s were still being made until recently.

Damn good console though, had a great run.


A special little machine, but... even among it's gen buddies, it was a distant third in terms of output.


My least favorite Nintendo home console but boy oh boy did it have some bretty gud titles

No More Heroes 1&2
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobos Dungeon
The Last Story
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

Rest in piece you wagglin piece of shit :(


One of the records hardware for Nintendo. Crazy numbers for the system, Mario Kart, Wii Fit, Wii Sports, etc... Will remain the ultimate SD system forever. Also noticeable achievements, the casual audience and the introduction of the Virtual Console.
I liked the cube better but there's no denying it's success and significance. Also had it's share of awesome games of course.


That´s quick, PS2 production stopped this year too didn´t it?

Not to mention both PS3 and 360 are still going strong.

With Wii U tanking, they can't even fall back to the last generation machine, unlike Sony could with the PS2.


Insert <snakesalute.JIF> here.

Truly the end of a generation... funny that Nintendo is announcing that the same day than the Wii U update (but it's probably because we're October 1st, and it makes sense to take that decision on the firstday of a month).

I remember getting that console in 2009, and it was Another Code : R that made me go "screw it, I'm buying this console", even though I was at uni at the time and could only play during holidays. I've ended up getting 26+ games on it (not sure about Virtual Console/DL titles).

The Wii was definitely the most divise of all the Nintendo consoles... it hit some pretty impressive high, and some rather embarassing lows. But it's still the console that gave us the Another Code : R :)p), the Mario Galaxy Games, that saw the return of the Donkey Kong Country, Xenoblade, The Last Story... wait, can"t really start making a list, that'd take too much time!

Goodbye, Wii. You shall live on inside our hearts... or, more literally, inside our Wii Us ;)
It was the little system that could. So many things working against it and somehow it sold 100 million. It also gave us one of the best upgrades in controller input since the birth of the d-pad and dual analog.

The Wii-mote was too good for this entire industry and that includes Nintendo themselves.


Technically with the Wii U it's only useful as a budget system, and it was the budget system from the day it was released. They'd be better off dropping the price of the Wii U further and bundling it with a Wii Remote and Nunchuk at this point.

Kind of crazy though that it is ending and not staying in production for practically forever like the PS1 and PS2 given how many systems it sold.


Not to mention both PS3 and 360 are still going strong.

With Wii U tanking, they can't even fall back to the last generation machine, unlike Sony could with the PS2.

I´m also asking myself why they do stop production this early, the Wii is still selling to a certain degree.
I'll freak if my launch Wii ever dies. Not only did it provide a few years of great gaming, it's having a second life as an amazing emulator box. So good.


Good, that was the worst Nintendo console i ever bought. Nintendo should be on thier knees and begging for forgivness.

A console no longer being produced doesn't mean it disappears from existence and as for worst Nintendo console? You are high. Yes it had its jank but had its pluses too.


To be honest I didn't like the Wii because I think Ps3 and Xbox360 are better machines and motion controls are just gimmicks.

After several years, I got a Wii U, and I am now enjoying those gimmicks and appreciated that games are not just about the graphics, but the experience.

Hats off for this underrated console.
It was a very interesting concept that I fear was not explored enough. I was loving the idea of playing FPSes and fighting games with this thing.. there very very few and even less good ones in my opinion.

Which is why I am sort of hoping that Sony will support the move more, I don't understand how even their first party titles lack the option. (Naughty Dog for example) Also, I think that every FPS should have ability to use the move. (thanks Bioshock Infinite)


I feel even worse because I'll sell it soon.

Best recent Nintendo console, having lots of franchises here and there.
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