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Wii U: Amazon distributor claims Nov 11 release, $249 price tag. 3 Bundles


source: vg247 http://www.vg247.com/2012/09/04/wii-u-amazon-distributor-claims-nov-11-release-249-price-tag/

Video Product Distributors – the same company that supplies stock to Amazon and Blockbuster – has posted up SKU, price and release date information for Wii U in North America.

NintendoLife made the discovery, and reports that VPD has posted the following details on Wii U’s North American launch:

WIIU SYSTEM – GM – 11/11/12 $249.99
WIIU SYSTEM W/ – GM – 11/11/12 $299.99
WIIU SYSTEM 349 W/ – GM – 11/11/12 $349.99

there's even a video of a user browsing the website (you need to login to actually see the products) and showing the wii u price tags.


lock if old.

what do you guys think are the 3 bundles?

I can confirm this is legit, by the way. We have a VPD account for our shop and there's been Wii U listings of this sort there for a while, but I don't remember there being three at these prices for sure.


It's a legit listing.

Miles X

$249 being the lowest point/

Ridiculous you can get a brand new nxt gen console for that and a Kinect bundle is still more expensive (and apparantly have no plans to cut this holiday)

$249 - no pack in, Wii mote, 1 Screen
$299 - Nintendoland, 1 Screen
$349 - Nintendoland, 2 Screens


I'd call bullshit on 3 SKU's, personally. Not the kind of things Nintendo would do.

If that somehow were to be true, though, this confirms that at least one SKU would get a game pack-in (certainly Nintendo Land in that case).


Looks like they covered my very otimistic (<$300) and optimistic ($300 with pack-in game) predictions simultaneously!


If true, I wonder if the 249 is just the system, tablet and no game.
Second is with a game.
Third with a game and pro controller?

Just a guess.


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Sounds reasonable. I wonder what's in each of the packages though. I suspect Nintendoland in the last 2.


Nintendo is going for the competition's throat (instead of revenue) with this price, aiming to get a big install base while the Wii U is the only next-gen console. Aggressiveness is a new stance for Nintendo, I like it.

Fantastic. Now, make this a £180-200 price tag in the UK rather than a £250 one, and I'll buy at launch.

A direct conversion (adding tax) gives £188, so £200 or a bit more looks feasible.


Surprising (I wasn't expecting two, a fortiori three SKUs) but at a few days of an important conference, sounds now legit.

The entry point sounds a little low to emphasis a new generation system. I'm happy for those who can't afford 350$/€, throught.



$250: WiiU + Upad
$300: WiiU + Upad + NintendoLand + Wiimote
$350: WiiU + Upad + NintendoLand + Wiimote + Pro Controller
This is going to be a fun speculation thread.

I'll go with the $299 system coming with that new "classic" controller. Forgot what they are calling it. Pro Controller?


$249 Wii U
$299 with Nintendoland
$349 with Nintendoland and 1 Wii Remote + Nunchuck

$50 for a WiiMote+ and a nunchuck though? Would that actually be considered reasonable?

I can't think of any better idea, however... hmmmm... What about 2 wiimotes?


Two copies sold? That's not a bomb guys, stop trolling!!!
If this is real

249$: Console + Wiipad
299$: Console+Wiipad+Nintendoland
349$: Console+Wiipad+Nintendoland+NSMBU/ZombiU/another Wiipad
God I hope it's Nintendoland. Talk about 0 incentive to buy anything other than the base SKU if they're adding that joke of a title as part of these bundles.

This low price also seems to confirm that the system will be a small bump above the PS3 and 360 rather than a massive leap, but that's of course just me speculating.
Oh, please be true. Pretty sure the $350 bundle is gonna be like the Skylanders Giants bundle, but I could be wrong. Nintendo Land is gonna come with all prices.

After researching more, I think the Skylanders Giants bundle is its own separate thing (its just a limited edition version of the game) so that's not it. If we're lucky, $350 bundle is Wii U and 3DS (but we're not that lucky).


Would Want this. But the $349 one probably comes wih Wii Mote and nunchuck instead of pro controller.

Yes, I'd expect them to sell the pro controller separately unless they are targeting a pro style bundle with 2 pro controllers (highly doubt).
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