Wii U Belgium bomba - Premium 99€

$135!? AW SHIT

Seriously, though, getting it for less than the damn 3DS is a steal. Not sure how it would work out as far as future releases, though, thanks to region locking. Is it country specific or just by region?


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Also, shouldn't Nintendo be worrying about these pricecuts? If these $99 systems becomes a thing, how will they ever move their MSRP ones?
Amazing deal, but I still like the Skylanders bundles I got in Canada a couple of days ago.

White Wii U (black sucks), Nintendoland and Skylanders Swap Force with toys for 200 CAD, which is 150 euros after tax. Very happy with it, especially since it's dual voltage and I don't have to use my converter.

It's dead sales-wise here in Europe, though. We'll be seeing threads like this all year long without doubt.
My brother just spent about $400 on one after Christmas...

Me, I'm waiting for $150 range probably, or until the games I have been waiting for come out (New Zelda, Metroid, X etc.).
Dick Smith wasn't generous enough. Wii U would need to be $100 Australian dollars before i even think of getting one considering i want it for 3 games (one of which isn't out yet)