Wii U Centric Nintendo Direct 11.7

[Iwata, this direct, including the Miiverse, are about 35 minutes disclose specifically what are main features bundled with Wii U. No new release game information, please download and check. #
Horrible auto translation of tweet.
35 minutes Miiverse/bundled software direct. No game announcements.
Fuck yeah!!!!!I also have a day off!!!
Nintendo directs is the best thing that happened for communications between industry-gamers!!
Horrible auto translation of tweet.
35 minutes Miiverse direct. No game announcements.
Meh, I'm not excited for OS info as most others, I want more game announcements, these last few have been terrible for them, what happened to the days when we had the huge Fall Conferences where dozens of games would be announced at once? Do have to depend on Famitsu? And seriously, Famitsu's very hit and miss for Nintendo-platform announcements. :/
Okay, I had my hype meter turned down these last few weeks, I'm willing to open myself to more hype knowing full well I'm still expecting bad news from this.

I still want to believe. Someone shop me up a ticket!