Wii U Gamepads are region locked

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This needs to be brought up in the next Giantbombcast, let's start the year off with a good filling of Brad groaning and going "what the?! arrrrgh"
Meanwhile over at Nintendo the Cavalcade of Stupidity continues. What's next, region locked AV cables? Come on Ninty the possibilities are endless show us how far you can go!
Hahahaha wow, this is the future people iwatadealwithit.jpg

Although I see no reason to replace my WiiU controller with another one from another region yet.
Fail to see how this is really an issue. Like someone said it's probably some data transfer thing, and honestly I'm unsure why 99.9% of people would care. Actually 100% people right now since 2 gamepad support is in no games.


( ≖‿≖)
Yeah, while extremely stupid at least the "different prices for different markets" argument makes sense in this case. You don't really need to import a controller from another region to play specific games like you do with the console itself or with games themselves.

Still strange.
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