Wii U in the wild


Took me a second to realize that weird diagonal line caught by the light is from that clear plastic they put over new electronics to keep them from scratching.
You know that it could be that glossy because they've put something in front of the disc drive to prevent dirt getting inside, right?

Anyways: black is the new black
I don't understand how these are swag 2 full months before launch. And it's not even done in secret - they're talking about it on Twitter. Weird.
I am curious about dimensions, if it is wide I am worried...

I literally have no where to fit a horizontal console, the Wii is currently snuck in next to our DVR because it can be vertically fit inside the top part of our TV cabinet...If this is long it makes it even worse...I would have to basically kick one of PS3 or 360 out of the setup and into extra room, or put the Wii U in a strange place like on top of the TV cabinet...actually I would have to get an HDMI switcher too...kind of an awkward position to be fighting for HDMI slots but that is the reality of the living room
What we need is to see if there is an external switch like on the debug GCs to switch between US/JPN. That was a good night on IGN forums before US launch where people had hooked the PCB up.

(There won't be :( )


Membero Americo
Now that I got passed the initial excitement...

What the hell!?

How could they give out those as swag? This is breaking NDA for sure or something.