Wii U Thread - Now in HD!

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memory lane?


for anyone who is just joining in the Wii U party, this is where it really kicked off imo

Its a good look back at some of the initial discussions regarding tech and whatnot. Some really funny things back then.

edit: actually, its interesting to read over some of the industry quotes within the context of what we know today
Aaah haha, good times... much speculation and hype.
So were the words Power7, Power-PC, Power-Based ever banded around with the Wii's CPU?

Under the terms of the agreement, IBM will produce millions of fully tested, Power Architecture-based chips featuring IBM Silicon on Insulator (SOI) technology at 90 nanometers (90 billionths of a meter), based on the specifications of the custom design agreement previously agreed upon by the two companies.
And we know for sure that CPU is PowerPC.
First of all:

The way Emily Rogers talked about those numbers was confusing and I did point out the possibility of inaccuracy or confusion.

Also take note that I myself didn't understand her in the first place, so excuse me.


But not all hope is lost, because other evidence, points, or at least hints to the use of something much better than short-range "bluetooth"; what I've read on the net is, that most people would be okay if the range goes at least as far to reach the toilet or bed.

Check this rumor that actually spawned the whole drive for the IEEE 802.11-like networking for WiiU GamePad. Nintendo used this tech in DS before.

It's where you go to. So I quote it instead of linking.

Here's a bit of a conversation between two people that supposedly have inside knowledge of Wii U dev kits. They're discussing the talk of earlier today pertaining to Wii U dev kits going wireless in June.

Person 1: Really weird, it's conflicting with what i've heard. I'm pretty sure the dev kits, maybe at least from revision 3 (and more surely for revision 4), have the option to switch between wired and wireless mode. Now, maybe the DRC weren't wireless until a few months, but even then, it should be the case now. I could be wrong though, perhaps the dev kits themselves are ready for wireless communication with the DRC, but the DRC prototypes in possession of third-parties aren't.

Person 2: Yeah, seems strange. Maybe their sources are smaller/ less important studios and really won't get the newer pads for a while. The latest pad (product id DK-DEV-V5) is wireless. Also looks like Nintendo uses Ni-Fi for the controller now (2.4 or 5GHz), so range shouldn't be limited to a single room - possibly not even just a single floor.

What is NiFi - NiFi is a dev term for a proprietary nintendo WLAN protocol, based on 802.11. It's tweaked and modified, it is not used in any standard and is not used anywhere else.

NiFi is the name given to Nintendo's tweaked form of WiFi which is used for all local communications between either multiple DSes or one+ DS and a wii. Most wireless APs will not pick it up and the few that do require hacked drivers.

If we make a quick historical check we can see that the DS from 2004 had used NiFi - based on the 802.11b protocol.

The range was 65 feet for the DS local connection. Now we can do a little better in ~2011 ... still this controller requires high-quality signal to maintain the crucial no-latency response, so we can expect the systems to behave in such a way that if the certain pre-determined signal quality validator is not met, then the controller will disconnect completely and pause the game showing the warning message, before any degradation of input/output response, video/audio delays could be visible.
This is obviously good from the gameplay standpoint, it will force you to play it right or not at all. This is my assumption, i don't know for sure but they should be smart enough to think of this.

These charts here for comparrison how much difference is between b and n WLAN.
But nintendo can tweak and modify whatever they want and they can determine final power of the antennas etc, this is just for reference to get an idea. Those numbers are all theoretical maximums (best case scenario)

Information on Nifi on the web is very scarse, couldn't find definitive for 3DS, but it's probably the StreetPass thing, which range is reported:

Yeah, it would be amazing if it was that far. I remember one NL article saying 300 feet maximum but that distance would vary depending on the environment, so walls could reduce the signal for example. This article says it has a recommended distance of 98.4 feet though and it's the most recent I could find.
100 Feet = 30 meters

http://www.edn.com/file/12593-Figure_2.pdf (scroll down to see text)

Patent check below to explain the WiiMote communcation module(antenna) is indeed separate from the GamePad communcation module.
And to also confirm that I did not make up the IEEE theory my self.




This is the WiiU Details Chart that I updated the controller details, This was just after E3 2012, you can see that the Power Saving Feature that I added way before I heard any WiiU Range Rumors, that's because the patents say that power saving is there. I've forgot all the details my self so that's why I did this explanation to re-check.

We could speculate that there is a power saving settings that user can choose that as well modifies terminal communication signal power, it's all technically possible, but as far as I have to unfortunately honestly admit, I'm not sure if E.Rogers was talking about what I was thinking(a bit of hoping...).

Forgot to mention, not just about power saving, but this is when I remembered IEEE 802.11 that I was saying recently before (in previous thread), I was researching back then and I wouldn't have written down something specific like that if I wasn't 100% sure. (If I don't know something I don't talk about it)



Here's the patent stuff about power saving:



She maybe meant antenna power (mW), not "power" as electricity. Whatever now, even if she's wrong on those numbers, I think we can still expect the Range to be at least around the rooms in the same floor.

Anyhow ... let me prepare for some hacker/maker crowd youtube tutorials of how to mod the WiiU with external high-quaity antenna to boost GamePad range! Ehehe, can't wait to see something like this.

Please report if the images about patents do not show, in rare cases some geographic specific IP may not be able to access them (hosted on my local site, imgur is buggy sometimes)
That would make it 2nd party.
This platinum project isn't technically first or third party. So yea, Platinum isn't owned by Nintendo but the IP is going to be owned by Nintendo, which means I hope Toilet Bowl Man ends up in Smash 4. :p
it's basically the same thing that's going on with Epic + Microsoft and Gears of War.

Dragon Quest was published in the West by Nintendo, most likely as part of the deal between Nintendo and SE.

MH Tri I believe was published by Nintendo in Europe but was published by Capcom in Japan and the U.S.
Andriasang said:
Expect lots of Nintendo news this week, and not just from tomorrow's Nintendo Direct broadcast! Sinobi, the retailer you'll recognize from our weekly Famitsu early flying gets, reports that Nintendo will also be hosting one of its periodic retailer briefings this week. Sinobi did not provide the date.

As Sinobi notes, retailer briefings usually result in a release date announcement or the start of promotions for a major game. He appears to have high hopes (just hopes -- no educated speculation) that there could be something related to Animal Crossing 3DS.

Awwww shittt

The terminal device 7 may include a button for turning ON/OFF the power of the LCD 51, and a button for performing a connection setting (pairing) with the game device 3.

The terminal device 7 includes an extension connector 58 via which another device can be connected to the terminal device 7. ... The additional device connected to the extension connector 58 may be any device, and may be, for example, a game-specific controller (gun-shaped controller, etc.) or an input device such as a keyboard.

The terminal device 7 may be charged by attaching the terminal device 7 to a cradle (not shown) having a charging function.


El Capitan Todd
Retailer brief could end bringing us some news about Jap date/price of the Wii U. also if Sinobi is expecting news related to Acrossing.

About the gamepad: isn't weird that the headphone jack in on top of the controller and not at bottom? I'd prefer to have it at bottom

About P100: aren't all Platinums games IP of the publisher and not of Platinum themselves?
Daaaang Stewox! Nice info.

Well, that's cool, I don't see the need to disregard anything that IBM has said so far as blag marketing then! So long as no one is seeing it as a pure POWER7.
I agree with the last sentence as I still have one hypothesis that the CPUs main core is a modified POWER7 core (or takes cues from it) along with two modified 476FPs (or takes cues from it).

But the Watson stuff doesn't mean much of anything to me anymore.

Now let's see if something actually leaks. :/


El Capitan Todd
The omission of Wii U from Nintendo Direct is a pretty strong indication against substantive news before September. There'll be a Japanese press conference announced soon enough, don't worry...
The link says: this week.
And this week will end on Sunday.
Saturday and Sunday are...SEPTEMBER!!!!


About P100: aren't all Platinums games IP of the publisher and not of Platinum themselves?
depends on the deal they make. not by default they aren't.

that said, I have no idea what their deals with Bayonetta, Vanquish, Madworld and game-that is-finished-but-Sega-feels-like-sitting-on-it-till-next-year are. And, well, MGS obviously belongs to Konami, yea.

Father forgive me for where this came from
I posted this rap in the community thread and i decided to post it once here in honor of the WiiU clan haha. Don't judge, I'm not an aspirin rapper, just a bored guy. Also, the song is not meant to offend fans of other consoles it's just for entertainment purposes. So please no flaming or banning :)

Nintendo Rap

Chorus: (2x)
Nintendo is so doomed
They'll be third party soon
Their reign won't last
They goin Dreamcast

Verse 1:
Yo, Nintendo is so doomed
they should be third party soon
they gonna fall like that moon
from Majora's Mask
The Wii U has a big task
of following the most successful Nintendo console of the past
their domination can't last
The hater's saying "there aren't enough shaders"
Fuck those haters
How can you judge a company
that came from a small nation
and brought us innovation
and inspired an entire generation
with classics such as Mario, Metroid, Zelda
and Donkey Kong, the list just goes on
Nintendo brings innovation
while Sony brings imitation
and Microsoft brings limitations
ya'll just keep on hating
while Nintendo keeps demonstrating
that games are meant for fun
not dudebro's shooting guns
But of course the fanboys will say

Chorus: (2x)
Nintendo is so doomed
They'll be third party soon
Their reign won't last
They goin Dreamcast

Verse 2:
It's kinda bizarre
how these "anonymous" developers say
"Wii U is on par"
They haven't even seen it
and yet they're all ready beating it
These silly trolls are on a roll
the same trolls who said
"the Wii will fail"
oh Michael Pachter if you can see the Wii now
see how many console makers wanna be like it now
smashing sales records left and right
making your throat feel tight
with all your bullshit negativity
you're telling me ya scared B?
He said the 3DS would bomb
yet it's outselling Vita 5 to 1
that's bigger than ThunderMonkey's bum
Fanboys care about the graphics
their nothing but moving pics
it's like they got a bone to pic
they think they're big somethings
when really they're nothing
they're softer than fig muffins
stupid trolls go play your sixth Halo
your overrated Fable
go complain about how your sore
how motion controls is such a chore
You guys complain more than whores
And all they'll say is

Chorus: (2x)

Nintendo is so doomed
They'll be third party soon
Their reign won't last
They goin Dreamcast

Verse 3:
Nintendo is hotter than Fire Flowers
fanboys are just sour
because Nintendo fans are counting down the hours
Rest in Peace, Nintendo Power
I'm sick of reading bullshit rumors every hour
and then they're taken as fact
the whole cycle is just wack
some of these people need a good smack
like Link doin his spin attack
Oh Jack Tretton, stop your panty wettin
don't push that eject button
It's not your fault Vita's lame
it's just that 3DS has games
fanboys always complain
because Nintendo isn't the same
The Wii U is going to launch like a savage
wreaking damage on your market share
like Nintendo just doesn't care
you'll scream out "no fair!"
You fans scream out "it's not next gen!"
and make fun of those who enjoy Nintendo
like they don't have a right
to enjoy what they like
you tell them "get out of my sight"
you can't stand it when Nintendo is in the limelight
You anonymous developers, trolls and fanboys
are just jealous the Wii U is making a lot of noise
you'll see come next gen
that you were just a bitter bunch
and you'll get owned like "FALCON PUNCH!!!"
but at the end of the day
we all know you'll still say

Chorus: (2x)
Nintendo is so doomed
They'll be third party soon
Their reign won't last
They goin Dreamcast
amazon.de ad, lists black Wii U for EUR 350, NSMBU EUR 70.

Does this confirm anything? Placeholder?
old. placeholder prices.

it's been at 349 since E3. 69 bucks is the standard placeholder price for games. only the black wii u pre-order option is new but that also was discovered 1 or 2 weeks ago.
I posted this rap in the community thread and i decided to post it once here in honor of the WiiU clan haha. Don't judge, I'm not an aspirin rapper, just a bored guy. Also, the song is not meant to offend fans of other consoles it's just for entertainment purposes. So please no flaming or banning :)
I'm still mad this wasn't the first post
I found a better explanation on AVS Forums. It seems newer Sony TV's will pass through DD 5.1 and DTS from the HDMI to the Optical out:


A confirmation of newer Sony TV also passing 5.1 through Optical Out. Only DD 5.1 and DTS, though. Also the person notes in the "Sound" set up on the TV, it needs to be set to "Audio System" and not "Speakers".
Not to be a Debbie Downer, but IBM saying the CPU 'packs the same technology as Watson' isn't really saying much. It could just mean it uses transistors instead of vacuum tubes.
Never pre-ordered a system before...probably will do Gamestop. What should i expect? How much do I need to throw down?
About $599.99$50 should do it usually for consoles.

I'm glad some of you like the rap lol. I can use audacity to add it to a beat but my USB mic and my lousy voice will ruin it lol.
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