Wii U VC games teased by Nintendo UK trailer


I see;

Zelda LttP
Street Fighter II
Street Fighter II Turbo
Super Street Fighter II
Super Mario Bros 3
Super Mario Bros 2
Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts

Also, I guess you could say Super Mario Bros is teased by the music.

Yes, I can tell all the Street Fighter IIs apart by just looking at them.


If all DLC came tied to $13 figurines, I'd consider all DLC to be free
Sad that we have to be hyped for getting games that had been for years on the Wii VC :-/
Where are the Gamecube games? I don't care about NES/SNES titles any more. Fuck sake, Nintendo. What the fuck are you waiting for?
I don't think they're going to have GC games on Wii U VC at all.

Wonder if they will ever put up Super Street Fighter II Turbo.
Well, Super Turbo never came out on a Nintendo system, so it would have to be an arcade VC game or something.
Mega Man and Pac-Man is this week in Europe right?

If only this entire line-up were available at launch. That's a lot of good games but they shouldn't have been spread out.


don't ask me for codes
I'd rather take Tengen's Pac-Man over Namco Bandai's though. But yeah, Dear Nintendo, please open the floodgates.

Oh btw, is there a place on Miiverse to complaing about the slow drip?
I don't expect a ton of titles but geez they should've been able to get a few more consoles. Nintendo must have like a office of two dudes working on VC in every region.
Street Fighter games are some of the best selling VC games on Wii. I remember seeing a chart last year and they're even more popular in Europe.
If they're great sellers, let's see Super Street Fighter II HD Remix then in the eShop too. For nostalgia enthusiasts, I suppose the SNES ones are fine, as well as those who bought them the first time around and want to upgrade for $1.50.