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Will Grand Theft Auto V sell 200 million copies before end of support?

Will GTA V reach 200 million?

  • Yes

    Votes: 28 70.0%
  • No

    Votes: 12 30.0%

  • Total voters
Grand Theft Auto V is the most successful game of all time physically, even greatly defeating packed in software titles like Wii Sports and selling more than most favorite franchises discussed on this forum by itself, and leaving them in the dust. Sales have slowed in recent years but GTAV has still managed to ship close to 170 million copies.


As of yesterday the GTA V shipments are almost at 170 million, and the game has already been released for the next generation consoles Xbox Series and PS5, so that's no longer an option to encourage additional sales, the double triple dipping has already been happening since March.

Do you think it's possible that Grand Theft Auto V can reach 200 millions sales before Rockstar stops supporting it? To me, it looks as if everyone who can buy the game has done so already two or three times, at least in places where the game isn't banned. I don't see where the other 30 million sales would come from as the game has been stretched out a very long time with 3 generations of releases, and now it's starting to look like it won't be able to hold that 5 million a quarter soon. GTA 6 whenever that comes out, will definitely have an impact on sales too.


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Sure, why not. VI is probably still two years away. If they get close to 200m they can deep discount it for the press (like they need it).

Lady Jane

It will get to 200 million. It's still selling strong month-by-month because it has become the game to get for first time owners of a console or PC. There will also be a large marketing push for GTA V to hype up GTA VI when it gets closer to release.


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Yes, and that sucks big time. How much would i have loved a successor to GTA: Chinatown Wars.
I wonder how it would do if you put all Mario Characters in a GTA environment? Mario is the boss while luigi breaks his hand keeping Princess peach turning her tricks. You can get high on toad, all kinds of possibilities.

RaZoR No1

170 Million already???


Probably when PS6/Xbox whatever X launches. They will do a new $10 patch for 120fps and super duper raytracing at 8k or whatever.


Predicts the worst decade for Sony starting 2022
I remember all the shit rockstar got for spending $250 million dollars on this game. This goes you show game publishers sometimes you got to spend money to make money.


IDK. Pokemon Go had the whole world walking around looking like idiots at one point.
Yeah, for like 6-9 months. It was the dictionary definition of a fad, in terms of mass appeal anyway.

I remember mates at work playing it who weren’t the least bit into gaming, “you should try it”!

“Nah fam,” I just can’t get into Pokémon. It’s not for me at all.

I know it still does well in the gaming space.
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