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Will MultiVersus compel SIE to consider a FTP PlayStation All-Stars 2?

I've been playing a bit of MultiVerus lately and was intrigued enough to buy the first Battle Pass. Now if MultiVerus hadn't been FTP, I probably wouldn't have given the game a shot.

With that said, it's got me thinking a lot about a potential PlayStation All-Stars. SIE has the IP, the studios, third party partnerships and history to run it back, but would it need to be FTP to generate a decent financial return?

Also, keep in mind that SIE recently said FTP is a big piece of their strategy moving forward. That was a major reason for the Bungie and Haven acquisitions, as well as their partnership with Deviation I believe? And of course, there's Naughty Dog's Factions 2.

Truth be told, I can't think of a more reliable FTP project than a PlayStation All-Stars 2 in the SIE portfolio - aside from Factions 2 and now, Destiny.

So what do you all think? Is SIE watching MultiVersus closely? Will SIE's newfound push for FTP give PlayStation All-Stars 2 a glimmer of hope? And if so, what developer would be best suited to tackle it?


I think its the kind of situation where the first place is taken and it'd be really hard to compete, like fornite.

If they give it a shot it would not be f2p.


What's reliable about a PSASBR2 when the first game petered out (on two platforms,) essentially closed down the studio, had fairly limited PlayStation character inclusion, and unfortunately called the bluff that PlayStation's character roster is so deep and beloved that it could compete with Nintendo (a situation that other publishers have also had to come to terms with in their mascot fighting/kart/party clones.)

I like PSASBR a good deal (it fit nicely in the PS fan-gang that Vita fostered,) but the price was the least of its problems. And there are other Smash clones out there, at least one is F2P even, and they didn't just succeed because they are free to play or have characters popular from other games in them. (Most didn't launch F2P, but Brawlhalla has Ubisoft characters and is F2P, Bounty Battle and Brawlout have indie characters in them, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl of course just came out a little while ago and has a ton of cartoon faves.)

Multiversus was flawlessly executed as a product release (on kind of an actually flimsy appeal... this game was laughed at until it came out as having a nonsensical roster and little special about it aside from the bizarre 2v2 mechanics; it seemed just a blatant cash-in ripoff of Smash with whatever Warner characters slapped into the roster.) Even the rich and powerful Epic Games hasn't been as successful in its launch of Rumbleverse. Multiversus's sails caught a rare wind... Also, it's got Batman.
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You won't let me lie, the inclusion of kat was the best thing about Playstation all stars battle royale.

Just for kat I bought the game.

Because in itself, there was no reason to play the game.
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I cry about Xbox and hate PlayStation.
i would hope so, i really love a smash like fighting game.
But the gameplay whereby you need to use super to gain points needs to be remove though, its dumb.

Just make a smash copy with Playstation characters and sprinkle some third party characters, win.
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No I don’t think so. I do think it’s popularity might increase the chances of a new PSABR game though.
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