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Will The ‘Fast And Furious’ Crew Ever Go To Space? We Asked The Writer

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Time Travel plz

Or else Star Wars Death Star Trench style run

May I press you to a cucumber sandwich, mr Dom?

Fast And Furious

Dom rides Optimus into space because they need humans to get into the space station. Hilarity will ensue when the Rock emerges from one of the smaller, joke cars.

2 billion at the box office.

You're welcome.

Yes, do this -- all of this -- in one movie.


really hated this thread title because now i know they won't go to space in the new one. been staying in dark mode about it ://


I don't care what the writer says, the way the series has been going, I'm convinced that they're going to drive a car (or cars) off the ISS, and have them reenter the atmosphere.

It's the next logical progression after you have cars falling out of planes and fighting submarines.
Liquid Johnny Tran, still determined that Dom narc'd on him, lures Dom and the crew to participate in Race Wars XXXIV on the dark side of the moon. While racing against the clock and gravity against familiar enemies with new powers, little does the team realize that they're not only fighting for the solar system, but for Jessie's soul.

Too Fast to Uranus.
Fast in Furanus


Evenly they will hijack the Tardis and the possibilities will be endless. The canon of all fictional media will have the F&Fverse as the bedrock.
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