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Windows 10 - Games crashing after 15 minutes [FIX]

Green Wiggly

Aug 19, 2011
After finally getting Resident Evil 4 and Grid Autosport to work on my laptop (so far), I thought I'd share the solution here to hopefully save others some time.

The Problem

Playing a game that uses DirectX 9 (specifically xaudio2_7.dll) on a Windows 10 device with an installed touchscreen results in an exception being thrown and the game crashing exactly 15 minutes in.

Checking Event Viewer will likely show that xaudio2_7.dll was unloaded.

The Solution

After a bunch of Googling, I found this post from someone having the same problem with Farcry 3.

What you need to do is:
1) Open Task Manager

2) Go to Services

3) Identify TabletInputService (Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service)

4) Stop the service
Your game should run normally after that. Big thanks to the poster on that page, I owe you a beer!

I thought this would be thread worthy as it seems to affect quite a few games & emulators, unload me after 15 minutes if not.