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Witcher 3 Xbox One bug - stuck at title screen, says "Please wait" forever



Anybody seeing this? I had it earlier. The symptoms - saves stop working. You restart the game, then it won't start - it just sits at title screen. You restart the Xbox and get same problem.

I had a look online and I appear to not be alone:


I know at least 2 guys who had the initial load time taking forever on ps4. They rebooted the game a few times and eventually it went through.


They figured out how to keep it at 1080P all the time.

Seriously though, hopefully it's a quick patch to fix this.


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dafuck happened to QA in past 3-4 years? No one tests these games before packing this shit?


Yep happened to me. I switched my console from instant-on to energy saving, shut off the console and opened it again. All good now


Reset your console and it's fixed. It's some bug that appears when the game has been in standby for to long

Not quite that simple - if you force quit the game (from Dashboard) and reboot you get same behaviour. (Or start another game, then swap back to Witcher).

I ended up working around by removing my ethernet cable and power cycling. It will probably catch a lot of people out due to shutdown = suspend.


dafuck happened to QA in past 3-4 years? No one tests these games before packing this shit?

Yeaaah, i'm pretty sure that if you logged into their database, you will surely found an entry about this bug reported by QA. Sadly, pretty sure the producer saw it, and decided it was not worth fixing it until a later patch.


dafuck happened to QA in past 3-4 years? No one tests these games before packing this shit?

Yeah it's f**ked up. These days it seems like most games that come out you just have to wait a few days after launch and this crap starts coming to the surface. Seems like soon there won't be anything coming out that actually works except Japanese games (which isn't so bad actually).


I'm really surprised it's the Xbox One with all the issues. I thought with the marketing money Microsoft threw at it, they would spend more time on the version. I doubt Microsoft paid for exclusive Xbox One only bugs. Makes me glad finances made me wait on getting this game.


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I've only heard about this now for the first time despite watching Xbox One streams for more than a week now on Twitch. Will be good to know for the future in case it isn't patched by the time I play it, but I'm sure it will be before I pick up an XB1.
Sucks of to hear for those who picked up XB1 version :(

I really wanted to myself but the goddamn frame-pacing issues were too gross, so picked it up on PS4 instead.
as an FYI, you shouldn't have to unplug your console to do a full, non-standby, reboot. You can just hold down the power button for about 7 seconds, and that should do it as well.
Maybe should have waited this one out after the second or third update fixed these kind of glitches. Games usually hate me and stick me with there well known glitches time to time.

Homefront was the worst, every major glitch I got from that bastard.

Though the game is going to be shipped out eventually, so I will have to see for myself.
I had this on PS4, had to reboot the game twice (including sitting through 2 different unskippable cutscenes) until it eventually just worked.
I had a never ending load screen on PS4 the first time I played the game. Restarting my system fixed it but I had to watch both intro cutscenes twice.
Its not just Xbox. I bought this for PS4 and i'm stuck at the first loading screen as well. I tried restarting the software and restarting my PS4 and i'm still stuck unable to play the game yet. Worst part is that I have to watch the 1st cutscene over and over since you can't skip that sum-bitch!

I'm patiently waiting for a solution....


I really want to get this game but after seeing this issue and reading other issues is making me not want to play it until the issues are fixed.
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