Wkd BO 07•21-23•17 - Slam Dunk' for Nolan, Apes escape, not rough Girl's Trip, Luc


Valerian was garbage because of the main character casting, it's okay that it bombed.

I say that even though The Fifth Element is EXTREMELY my shit.*

The Avatar comparison is funny because the movie literally has Avatar people in it but they're all white.

*The Fifth Element had charismatic main characters.
How does Valerian get that budget though?

According to the OP article, It's an independent film, the most expensive independent film ever made I might add, who's bulk of the production budget was covered with foreign pre-sales, equity financing, and tax subsidies.


Worldwide updates

Dunkirk - $106M
Spider-Man Homecoming - $572M

Wonder Woman - $779M
Pirates 5 - $767M
Despicable Me 3 - $727M
Transformers 5 - $548M
The Mummy - $392M
Cars 3 - $250M

Man. I remember when many including myself thought WW would do Logan numbers worldwide.


If WW keeps at it, it'll hit 400M (800M WW) before summer's end. Holy shit at Valerian. Someone should've told them that a movie based on an unknown French comic would bomb in the US. Maybe WW sales will help it.
Great opening for Dunkirk. It should have fairly good legs. The recent drops for Apes are rather disappointing, unfortunately.

So what is the actual production budget for Dunkirk? Or is it one of those things we will never know?

Variety and THR are reporting $100M, which is surprisingly low if true.


two hundred and nine MILLION us dollars?!

i saw a trailer for it right before dunkirk and it was one of the cheapest looking productions i've seen.

my mind is blown.


This (or that of last week) has to be one of the highest quality top 5 of all time, right? (If going by either meta critic or rotten tomatoes scores)
What's going on with Spider-Man not releasing in China?

There's a Hollywood blackout period. It'll come out in September.

If Dunkirk is really budgeted at 100m for production, you can see why WB loves Nolan. Movie should be able to target 400m WW and I'm guessing that came in under budget, or at least it wasn't nearly as expensive as WB is used to paying for a Nolan flick.

Hyun Sai

I didn't understand a thing when a garbage like Lucy did the numbers it did, but seems like the balance in the Force is restored.
Great for Dunkirk and especially Girl's Trip. The power of a good movie combined with that black audience. Can't wait to see the numbers Black Panther will do.
Dane DeHaan now has two bombs this year. He's got another movie coming out in August that will also probably bomb, although it's only $25 million. He really needs to reinvent himself.

Can anybody tell me why is Spider-Man underperforming so bad?
It's the third Spider-Man reboot in a short amount of time.
Can anybody tell me why is Spider-Man underperforming so bad?
Sins of the past 3 films means spidey has been not seen favourably for a decade now. Also the audience isn't connecting with the film as much as raimi's spidey 1 and 2.

But this weekends drop is actually good


Spider-Man Homecoming will probably land between $675-700M worldwide from the markets that it is currently released in. Add Japan, China, and Spain to that.
A billion minimum. It's Spider-Man, good, in the MCU.
The only MCU movies that have hit billion are the two Avengers, Iron Man 3 and Civil War. How did you expect Spider-Man alone to hit 1 billion when GOTG can't do it.

Also keep in mind the Foreign exchange rates right now are making it difficult.


It will be interesting to see the full international information for Dunkirk. Historical films always seem to face an uphill battle.
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