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Wkd BO 07•28-30•17 - Nolan not Dun' w/ #1 run, = Atomic

Ya, I looked and reviews were middling instead of outright bad. I think that the initial reaction was harsher, and that stuck in my head.
During the first couple of days, the film's RT percentage was in the high 20s range. It picked up traction later and floated up to the 50s, but for a brief period of time the film was DWA's worst-reviewed film on the site (their lowest-scoring film, Shark Tale, had a mid-30s RT percentage).



Is there even a reason to be optimistic about Ninjago's chances given the lackluster returns on Lego Batman? None of the trailers have inspired confidence that it will have the charm or originality of the first lego film.
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