Wkd Box Office 08•16-18•13 - the butler did it! Paranoia does bad job kicking ass too

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rottenwatch box office:
73% Lee Daniels' The Butler
43% We're the Millers
58% Elysium
29% Kick-Ass 2
24% Planes
25% Jobs
04% Paranoia

metacritic box office:
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Box Office: ‘The Butler’ Cleans Up With $25 Mil; ‘Kick-Ass 2′ Ties for Third Place. Robust frame keeps summer box office at record pace

The Weinstein Co.’s “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” cleaned up at the domestic box office this weekend, overperforming with an estimated $25 million in three days, while Universal’s “Kick-Ass 2″ delivered a soft $13.6 million domestically, not strong enough even to claim second place.

Holding very well in its sophomore outing, Warner Bros.-New Line’s R-rated comedy “We’re the Millers,” down just 33%, outgrossed “Kick-Ass 2″ handily, with an estimated $17.8 million. The holdover continues its steady march to nine figures, cuming nearly $70 million after only 12 days of release.

Tying with “Kick-Ass,” Sony’s “Elysium” fell a respectable 54% in its second frame, bringing the pic’s Stateside 10-day cume to nearly $56 million.

Total domestic B.O. stayed relatively flat with last year, when “The Expendables 2″ debuted with more than $28 million.

The year-over-year hold virtually ensures summer box office will hit record heights, with pundits estimating May-September totals to reach as high as $4.8 billion. The previous summer record of $4.4 billion was set in 2012.

Also bowing this weekend, Open Road’s Steve Jobs biopic “Jobs” disappointed with an estimated $6.7 million, while Relativity Media’s thriller “Paranoia” did even worse, grossing a paltry $3.5 million through Sunday.

The success of “The Butler” this weekend, in particular, comes only two years after “The Help” beat expectations, with just $20 million. That pic, however, outgrossed its opening by nearly nine-fold, a benchmark standard for any film this time of year. “The Butler” needs to continue to broaden its base dramatically to achieve a similar multiple.

At the weekend’s specialty box office, Sony Pictures Classics saw another healthy expansion for Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine,” which took in an estimated $2.4 million from 229 locations, lifting its domestic cume to $9.5 million. Pic expands Friday to at least 800 playdates.​

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LOL Jobs.

All I cared about.

Also Oprah gets richer and WTF at We're the Millers. Oh wait Jennifer Anniston is a stripper. Nevermind.
holy shit, Paranoia. I feel like they shoved that shitty trailer in front of every fucking movie this summer—good to see it failing.
holy shit, Paranoia. I feel like they shoved that shitty trailer in front of every fucking movie this summer—good to see it failing.
It stood on the shoulders of giants. Now, audiences are standing on its neck!

I feel bad for contributing to Elysium's total.
Poor start for Kick Ass 2, but the budget is small so it should be profitable.

holy shit, Paranoia. I feel like they shoved that shitty trailer in front of every fucking movie this summer—good to see it failing.
I just knew about it yesterday, when i saw the trailer just before i watched Elysium.
Worldwide Updates:

Star Trek Into Darkness
Domestic: $227,100,000
Foreign: $226,500,000
Worldwide: $453,600,000

World War Z
Domestic: $198,300,000
Foreign: $319,300,000
Worldwide: $517,600,000

Despicable Me 2
Domestic: $346,000,000
Foreign: $435,200,000
Worldwide: $781,200,000

Fast and Furious 6
Domestic: $238,400,000
Foreign: $547,000,000
Worldwide: $785,400,000

The Lone Ranger
Domestic: $87,700,000
Foreign: $130,100,000
Worldwide: $217,800,000

Monsters University
Domestic: $261,100,000
Foreign: $397,500,000
Worldwide: $658,600,000

Domestic: $55,914,000
Foreign: $37,700,000
Worldwide: $93,614,000
Literally never heard of or saw an advertisement for The Butler until this thread.

I was going to call Kickass 2's performance tepid but I didn't realize it's budget was so low. Shame Planes will make back its budget and encourage Disney into producing more animated dreck.

Shame about Elysium, it may not have been the best movie but it was still better than almost all the movies this summer. Thought it would do better.
Looking at the release sched: http://boxofficemojo.com/schedule/ We're basically done for the Summer. Barring a big surprise hit, the next potential blockbuster looks to be Thor: The Dark World in early November.

Pretty disappointing blockbuster season overall, quite a drop-off from last year.
That´s not true at all.



This summer did better than last summer.
Apparently Kick Ass 2 was absolutely awful. Still I guess it will do killer business on DVD/Rentals like the first one.
Was it? I liked it, better than the first. Good fun time of dark comedy mixed with fun action. Needed more Jim Carrey, though, he was killer. Mother Russia was legit scary.
How is that possible? More spread out?
After Earth
White House Down
Pac Rim
The Lone Ranger

Bomb after bomb, I'm stunned we're doing better than last year but numbers don't lie.
There are more movies that did more business than last year.

Iron Man 3

All of those did over 200 million, not to mention those which did over 100 million like

The conjuring
The heat
Grown Ups 2
The Hangover 3
That was not my question. Sundays numbers don´t exist yet,(still early in the US for people going tot he movies) and they make an estimation that´s so close to real numbers.
They've had like 80 years to get the hang of it. Friday to Saturday to Sunday works exactly the same 99% of the time. If a movie breaks the norm, then that movie is going to do really well.
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