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Woman takes off knickers and uses them as face mask so she can get served

Bullet Club

Oct 24, 2017
Woman takes off knickers and uses them as face mask so she can get served

A woman told she would not be served by staff at the post office unless she was wearing a protective mask found an innovative way around the rules – by whipping off her knickers in front of queuing customers.

CCTV from inside a post office in Kiev, Ukraine, on Sunday shows the woman approaching the counter without a face covering.

At the beginning of April, the country was given new restrictive measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, which included having to carry ID and wear a mask or respirator in all public places. Under the rules, a ‘public place’ includes part of any building which the public has access to – including shops, markets, subways, parks, playgrounds and on public transport.

As a result, authorities in Ukraine recommend people wear masks any time they leave the house.

In the footage from Kiev, the woman is seen being spoken to by a member of staff, presumably due to her lack of face covering, before she gestures outside the shop.

In order to get around the rules – and to escape having to join another lengthy post office queue – the woman whips off her leggings, followed by her knickers and shoves them on her head.

According to local media, the Nova Posha post office has confirmed the incident.

The video was posted to social media by an employee of the company, who now faces punishment for sharing company information, local media reports.

Witnesses said the woman in the video is a local mother-of-two.

Commenting on the video online, one viewer said: ‘Well, she found a way around it. No-one has banned the use of panties instead of a mask yet.’

Source: Metro



Jun 3, 2014
Reminds me of a joke:

Joe goes to the dentist.

"Jesus Christ, Joe, were you making a 69 with your wife?"

"Why, Doc? My mouth smells like pussy? I'm sure I washed and cleaned it very well!"

"Mouth is fine, Joe, but your forehead's stinking asshole"