World Map Screens That Sucked You Into the Game

This for me too, probably because it was my first experience with RPGs and I still had my 'golden age of gaming glasses'. I remember feeling such awe and excitement at the size of that world I was just released into. I also remember realising at that point that the game came on 3 discs and I was still on the first. Such great memories.
My exact feelings as well. I was only 10 and prior to that all I had played was Mario or Donkey Kong, so this was uncharted territory for me. I had never experienced anything like it. FFVII is still the greatest gaming experience I've ever had.

At first, I didn't now what was going on, running blind. I began to ask myself if maybe I should head back to previous location and check out other doors because the map seemed like it won't ever end.
I still have immense trouble comprehending that map. Luv the game, but if a sequel comes our way, ditch that map please!!!!!!!!!
Fun exercise with this thread: let your vision go a little out of focus so you can't see the text in the posts but you can still see the maps, and see how many of them you instantly recall just based off the place names, a memorable landmark or even the shape of the map. So many great memories here.

Basically I just love this thread <3