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Worlds first PlayStation 5 slim

It has a power brick the size of a wire trough which clearly defies practicality. People complaining about the size of power bricks is funny though, it's as if they've never had a laptop, monitor or anything else that requires power.

"we want better graphics and know nothing about engineering, your power brick is gross"
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Some of y'all are overly harsh IMO, lol. It's just content, so why not?

It may not be the most attractive thing, but I thought it was impressive regardless. Also, love that Dbrand sponsored it, lmao. Still so glad I was able to nab one of their black panel sets for my PS5.


yeah, removing the ps5 slim part of the narrative, it's a pretty interesting video about how to custom solve heat-related problems. what he actually builds to do it and the detail of the steps is cool.
everyone in here getting mad about the power are totally missing the point.


To be fair to @nominedomine , the size of Xbox 360 and Xbox One power bricks are monumentally larger than the ones you've linked, to the point where they've decided to stylize a couple of the models like they were accessories.

I'd be interested in how Sony would make their power brick look fancy for the PS5 slim.
Note the bottom picture is a xbox 360. The power brick with xbox hasn't been a thing since the X one X released.
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